Payday: Crime War

Payday: Crime War
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PAYDAY: Crime Wars is the greatest third-person shooter game ever on the PC/Console platform, which has been delayed twice with many players on the mobile platform. First is in E3 2015 by Starbreeze, in which they have announced that the game will be available on mobile. But later, news around it has disappeared. By 2016, Starbreeze has announced that the game will be officially named PAYDAY: Crime Wars, which is the same as its predecessor on other platforms, and more information about the game. Lately, we have had information about opening up this game on mobile platforms. Let’s take a look at what the Starbreeze manufacturer has put into the game on a mobile platform.

Payday: Crime War

The gameplay

The game will still feature the same bank robbery theme as on the PC/Console platform, but PAYDAY: Crime Wars will be better in design to match mobile devices. The game will feature 4vs4, PvP modes, in which each side will play the different roles. You and your teammates will not only try to defeat the enemy but also have to accomplish the challenging tasks. You need to coordinate well with your teammates to try to defeat as many enemies as possible. You need to have a good thinking ability, creativity to create good situations.

PAYDAY: Crime Wars will have 5 minutes match, which is quite suitable for a shooting game on mobile. The game also has a familiar and easy control. If you have ever played other FPS games, it will be not so difficult for you. In the game, the navigation keys are on the left. You just drag the key to the direction you want to move. On the right side will be the keys with the manipulation of the character like shooting, jumping, reloading, bombing…

Payday: Crime War

Special weapons system

In PAYDAY: Crime Wars, all the weapons that you have seen in the PC/Console version will still appear in this mobile version, but the manufacturer has added an upgrade system. The sale of weapons is quite interesting. The money will be given to you when you successfully execute those trades. There are a lot of armour, equipment and many other accessories for you.

Payday: Crime War

The design

The costume of the characters in PAYDAY: Crime Wars is very different. Instead of the sets of military uniforms like other shooting games, they will wear the suit and wear a mask of horror, which is a unique point of the game. In addition, the game also has a different 3D graphics from the usual, which is added to the Comics style that makes PAYDAY: Crime Wars more special. The sound is also built from a lot of robberies as well as the hostage in fact so that players will experience screams, orders, or even cry very attractive and authentic.

Payday: Crime War


After two delays, PAYDAY: Crime Wars MOD has really come to the fans of this genre. Currently, the game is still in the beta process. The next will be the official launch on both Android and IOS. You should immediately sign up for the game at the link below and start experiencing it. Do not forget to leave your rating on this game. Thanks and have a fun game!

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