Parker & Lane – Criminal Justice


Parker & Lane – Criminal Justice is an interesting investigative story from Gamehouse developers. The horrible murders and mysterious murders are happening in the city where you are living and working. You are an investigator and your responsibility is to clear up everything and respond to the people of the city and punish the criminal. The two main characters are investigator Lily Parker and lawyer Victor Lane.

  • Lily Parker is a smart, beautiful and lovable investigator. She tries her best to catch the evildoers hiding in the darkness out of the light.
  • Victor Lane is a talented lawyer, but he specializes in defending the perpetrator, not interested in justice, as long as he earns a lot of money.

This confrontation is really tense, can you clear anything? It depends on your own judgment skills!

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Parker & Lane – Criminal Justice

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There is so much uncertainty in the world that can affect your life. You are the one who flees or tries to face it. Parker & Lane – Criminal Justice is a game where you face evil in this world, and punish them appropriately. In case, you will be with Parker investigators to gather the clues and take a look at everything and collect them, do not ignore anything because it may be important evidence. Bringing the evidence to the lab and testing them through small games to determine the killer. Linking everything together to uncover the culprit most quickly.

Parker & Lane – Criminal Justice

Everything will not be as simple as you think, even if there is evidence you cannot possibly convict the wicked. Because Victor Lane is a very good lawyer and he will protect anyone, who pay him well. You will need to use your own ingenuity to win him over. Do not be discouraged even if he is the best lawyer in the city. The evil that needs to be punished and you have to do it.

Parker & Lane – Criminal Justice

Getting yourself into the story of this fascinating time management game and experience the thrilling chase moments as well as prove your killer talents. You have to find the killers before the next victims. You do not delay anymore because the time for you is very little.

Key features of Parker & Lane: Criminal Justice:

  • Searching for evidence at various locations in the city.
  • Many exciting levels and additional challenges.
  • Proficiency in small games and easy to analyze, analyze each.
  • Conquer the challenges, complete the case file to get more diamonds.

Parker & Lane – Criminal Justice


The game requires Android 4.4 or higher and are rated 12+, which is swearing gently, so players should be careful while playing. But the most important thing that you enjoy playing it safe and having happy playing time!

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