Overkill Strike: Best Shooting Games

Overkill Strike Best Shooting Games

Overkill Strike is a great FPS shooting game, which was released on the mobile platform by Neon Game. Although the game was recently launched, it has had the high rate from the gaming community. Although Overkill Strike is a mobile game, it is still charming, which give the player a lot of exciting experiences with the light capacity. You can easily install the game on your device. The lag factor is hardly noticeable in the game.

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Overkill Strike mod

Overkill Strike allows rangers around the world to play in the same room. The maximum room can accommodate up to 40 people, which is quite impressive for an intensive battlefield. The player not only controls the target point, moves freely on the map but also can jump, throw grenades… even throwing deadly bombs that cannot be observed by the enemy in a short time. Currently, the game has about 20 stages with 50 weapons. In the future, the manufacturer promises to raise this number to hundreds in the next update.

On each level of the game, the system will arrange 40 players into two teams. You will select one of the two teams to fight against the other team. Each side will have different outfits for the player to distinguish including the bright and dark colour. Each character will be equipped with main weapons, auxiliary weapons, melee weapons and grenades. You need to combine all weapons together to destroy as many enemies as possible

Overkill Strike mod

Game Modes

With many exciting game modes such as Random, Ship, ICE World, Dragon City …, you will have many choices. Each mode will have separate maps and different ways of playing and doing tasks. Therefore, you should always find a suitable game mode where you can have the good places and move in battlefields without being detected by enemies and defeat them. This is an easy way to be the leader on the battlefield.

Overkill Strike mod

Graphics and sound

The game was designed with a nice 3D background, smooth movement of characters and detailed maps to give you a fun and engaging experience. The sounds of gunfire or the screams of the characters in the battle are real. You will like to enjoy the best FPS games on the PC.

Overkill Strike mod

Download Overkill Strike Mod Apk for Android

Overkill Strike MOD will be a great choice for you. It supports more than 20 languages, which will allow you to easily control and master this game. You can challenge all the players in the world and satisfy your passion for FPS games by downloading it at the link below. Wish you have fun game!

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