Oggy Go – World of Racing (The Official Game)

Oggy Go World of Racing The Official Game

If you have ever watched the cartoon “Oggy et les Cafards”, you will see this fun cat in Oggy Go – World of Racing. In the game, you will see Oggy with a new look. In a fun race, Oggy will join a high speed and frantic race with cockroaches. Let’s join us in discovering this fascinating story and find more fun to race with the hard challenge right now!

Oggy Go World of Racing The Official Game

The Oggy story

Oggy is a really nice and sincere blue cat which lives in the same house as Jack cat. Oggy would be the happiest cat if three cockroaches: Dee Dee, Joey and Marky (named after punk band members Ramones) did not decide to reside in Oggy home. They appeared to meet Oggy and let the movie begin. The cockroaches are stupid, mischievous enough to think of enough to mischieve, teasing two cats, especially the cat, Oggy. The battle between them seems to have never come to an end. The comedy revolves around the battles between Oggy and three cockroaches. The cat is expected to win over the three cockroaches. However, these cockroaches always win.

Oggy Go World of Racing The Official Game

The fun gameplay

The battle will start simply. When the Jack’s Monster truck runs in the garden, he runs to Oggy and says that he has entered a racing tournament while the cockroaches are planning to sabotage the race and teasing Oggy. You will be Oggy’s lover, who stop this madness destroys to win the battle between Oggy and the cockroaches. The three cockroaches will also be involved to tease you. You have to focus on this race by driving the car and getting to the finish line first. You will control the car with two pedals on the two sides, press constantly to accelerate and balance on the rugged track.

In Oggy Go – World of Racing, your competition will not just be the race to the finish, but you need to pay attention to other factors: First, you need to pay attention to the speed of the car. The faster your car is, the faster you will get to the destination but the road will be so bumpy. When you rush fast you will be overturned, so you need to pay attention to the Boost to balance your speed. The second, on the track, you will need to collect some fuel tanks to keep moving as you get to the finish line, coordinating them all so that you can finish the race first.

Oggy Go World of Racing The Official Game

Many attractive features

Oggy Go – World of Racing will bring you 24 different levels and 6 different types of vehicles to unlock so you have to race to collect as much money and do what you want. In addition, you will be able to play along with a number of different characters in the animated movie, join the race along with those unique characters to have more fun.

Oggy Go World of Racing The Official Game

The graphics

Oggy Go – World of Racing is designed like a cartoon, it will contain the very simple 2D images but interesting. You will make great racing situations in the new landscape with the cute physics. All the designs of the game will only aim at creating fun for you so do not be too strict about anything. You just relax and enjoy the fun with Oggy.

Oggy Go World of Racing The Official Game


In general, Oggy Go – World of Racing will have a lot of fun. You will see Oggy cat that you have loved and enjoyed the madness of the game. The entertainment of the game will be consistent. It is suitable for all ages so do not hesitate to download it to your phone. Currently, the game is available on both Android and IOS. You can download it by using our link below. Have a fun game!

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