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Off The Road mod

Recently, Dogbyte Games publisher has announced their latest game of adventure racing on the forums and fan page. The game immediately attracted a lot of interest because of its appeal and the advance of the graphics. Off The Road is more interesting than the previous game, Offroad Legends 2 Extreme. In the new game, you will be participating in a competition of adventure to the open world with a lot of means of transports.

Off The Road apk mod

The gameplay

Starting the game, you will drive the canoe to a strange island. On the beach, there will be a car available for you. You immediately drive that car around the island to discover new things. Off The Road will not require too much about your skills but it just needs you to accomplish everything at a certain level. Your inspiration will come from the surrounding landscapes and some different tasks. The most common task that you will encounter is that you have to move to each designated point and touch the purple rings. You have to touch all the rings for getting the great rewards and experience points.

The difficulty you may encounter when exploring the island and doing the tasks is that you need to cross the terrain and avoid getting your car damaged. When it got damaged, it will move very slowly and explode which will seriously affect your journey. When you move around on the island, you should always keep an eye on the small map in the upper left-hand corner. It will help you a lot in navigating the necessary locations and the terrain for your reference which make your discovery easier.

Off The Road apk mod

The abundant means of transports and interesting items

Off The Road will have a lot of cars and new vehicles such as helicopters, boats… but the price to unlock new vehicles will be very expensive. The price to unlock a simple helicopter will be 175000 gold. This game will let you freely make money, in which you just drive and pick up gold coins all over the island. Sometimes, the gold coins will stay in the difficult positions, which you need to pass to get the gold coin. In addition, you can own the car by collecting the cards that contain pieces of the car or collect rewards cards for more gold or experience points.

Off The Road apk mod

The graphics

The previous games of the producer Dogbyte Games are 2D games. Off The Road will be a breakthrough with amazing 3D graphics, in which you can drive around and get the reward. Moreover, the game will feature impressive visual effects and 60 FPS gameplay.

Off The Road apk mod


In general, Off The Road MOD will bring you a unique and authentic experience that comes from the great graphics and the new gameplay. Certainly, in the near future, this game will become popular with the huge amount of the gamers. The game is available on both platforms Android and IOS. Let’s download and enjoy the game now! Have a fun game!

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