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The games from well-known cartoon pieces have always attracted great interest from many players because they wanted to rediscover the stories and also a new way of experiencing the attractions in those games. Noblesse M Global will be such a game. It is a derivative of a famous cartoon and now it has a global English version. The game promises to attract a lot of attention from many gamers because of its fun.

Noblesse M Global mod

The famous story

Noblesse M Global is a game based on the Noblesse of Korea, which was first published in late 2007. Since its inception, the series has attracted the attention of the majority of people. So far, there have been some games adapted from this story and also have some certain successes. Noblesse tells the story of a vampire named Rai, who has awakened after 800 years sleep and running away from the pursuit of a mysterious organization. From which, his adventure officially begins.

Noblesse M Global mod

The special fighting

In Noblesse M Global, you will be able to start exploring the mysterious story that you have never known. You will hear the characters’ conversations. You will be like reading a story by clicking continuously on the screen. You will also be comfortable gathering a number of massive characters that have appeared in both the Noblesse comics series. You will be able to catch up with familiar faces like Rai, Frekenstein, Raskreia … like cards. Your job will be to arrange them in the most powerful team.

Noblesse M Global gameplay is built in an RPG style with turn-based and team-based elements, in which you control a team to fight against the enemies. The character will take turns to attack the opponent. You will be the tactician by using and combining the skills of your characters. The fight will continue like this until one of the two teams is completely defeated, the other team will win the final.

Noblesse M Global mod

The abundant game modes

Noblesse M Global will offer a wide range of exciting features and game modes. You can choose to fight and explore the story by following Story Mode or join other modes to search more attractive parts. Each specific mode will be as follows:

  • Blood Dungeons: After winning the game, you can get bloody stones with ancient power.
  • Daily Dungeons: The winner will receive a summoning stone.
  • Ultra Dungeons: Searching for super stones to power up faster.
  • Shadow Dungeons: Joining your friends in the dungeons.
  • Franken’s Secret Lab: You will have plentiful strategic battles for getting a lot of jewellery.
  • Arena: Fighting with the other guilds in the arena and beat your opponents.
  • Real-time Boss Raid: Fighting and defeating the giant bosses.
  • Conquest / Siege War: Joining the guild war and leading the leaderboard together.

Noblesse M Global mod

The graphics

Noblesse M Global will be built with a very exciting 3D graphics. You will be enjoyed the HD-quality images, new combat environments they are very meticulous. In addition, you will also enjoy the unique and fascinating set of skills with a lot of exciting effects, which will make you like into this fascinating story.

Noblesse M Global mod

Download and install

In general, Noblesse M Global MOD will be a compelling game with all the storyline and many of the most exciting modes ever from previous versions of this game. Currently, the game is available for both Android and IOS platforms so you can download it using the link below and easily install this game by allowing some access to the system. You should also be aware that some items in the game will be paid in cash, so be sure to check them out before purchasing them.

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