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NBA 2K19 mod apk

Basketball is a very attractive sport, which is popular in many countries such as the United States, Canada, the Philippines… Basketball comes from the United States. Every year, major basketball tournaments are held in the United States called the NBA. The tournament refers to a lot of excellent athletes and great basketball teams. These tournaments are also broadcast on television and have received a lot of interest from many people around the world. Today, I would like to introduce you to a new and exciting basketball game called NBA 2K19. This is an interesting game in the fascinating basketball game series, which was produced by producer 2K, Inc. You will have a chance to participate in the most attractive and fascinating basketball league in the world.

NBA 2K19 is a new game released in early September 2018, which was designed specifically for many platforms such as PC, PS4, Android, IOS … NBA 2K19 was released with better changes than NBA 2k18. In this article, we will together learn about the gameplay, key features of this game as well as how to install NBA 2k19 with the different versions.

NBA 2K19 mod apk

How to play

NBA 2K19 is very great in the gameplay, which will retain the smooth control of the previous version. Starting NBA 2K19, you can choose a player for the representative of your team. You can customize him. You can change almost everything like hairstyles, hair colour, eye colour, eyebrows, beard, tattoos, skin colour, shape and other things. After that finishing selecting and customizing your representative, you will see a few tutorials to control the game. You can look through to get familiar with the operation of the game or skip to enter the game’s main screen immediately. In each match, you will manage a basketball team with the virtual keyboard and the actions provided to create your own tactics. Your important task is to score points, but that will not be easy because your opponent is very skilful and good at strategy.

To score easier, you need to the controls of the game. When you do not keep the ball, the control keys should be switched into the defensive function. You can call the players back for dealing with the opponent’s players. The game automatically gives players the required defensive positions, but you can switch among the players and control them more flexible. When you hold the ball in your hand, you will need to organize the attack to score points as soon as possible. You need to use the ball passing skill or throw the ball to score. NBA 2K19 will follow to the rules of the traditional basketball game so you just have to learn a bit and master the game to start enjoying the game right away.

NBA 2K19 mod apk

The Game Modes

NBA 2K19 has the simplicity in arranging the game modes, in which you can easily find everything you need in the game’s main screen. We will explore the interesting modes in the game so you can understand the basics in the game.

Quick Game: You will be able to quickly start a game without having to pick something up, which brings an easy way for the player. If you just want to relax, you can choose Quick Game to play.

NBA Blacktop: In this mode, you need to choose quite a lot of things. You can join with the types of play 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, 5vs5. In each type of game mode, you also have to choose different great venues to bring something interesting.

Story mode: This is a pretty fun mode for NBA 2K19, in which you can play the ball game by the story. You can try to play at the great match and get more attractive prizes.

NBA 2K19 mod apk

The key features of NBA 2K19

1, MyCareer: Each basketball player has his own career, which has also been brought to the NBA 2K19 players. You will discover what you have in MyCareer by changing the indicators of the players representing your basketball team.

2, The Association: NBA 2K19 allows players to join a clubs Association, in which you can bring your team to compete with other players for more fame with higher rankings. In addition, there are many other attractive features that you should not ignore.

3, 2K Beats: The exciting songs are added to the game. You can enjoy these songs under the performance of Travis Scott, Migos and more.


What’s in the NBA mod 2k19 apk?

NBA 2K19 is a paid game, which you can get by buying it on game distribution stores like Google Play, App store … Most players will only know to the original APK file provided by the developer without knowing that there are also APK mod files created to make the experience easy for the player. NBA 2K19 mod apk will give players an enjoyable experience when you will have a lot of money in the game that you will be freely spending without worrying about the costs. We will try to meet the NBA 2K19 MOD (money) files continuously for your version at this article. If the versions do not work, you can try the original APK version and wait for our updates.

NBA 2K19 mod apk

The requirement of installing NBA 2K19 mod apk

NBA 2K19 is a great game but it also requires your phone to be quite good. The size of the game is quite heavy. The game has obb files up to 2.7 GB. You need to prepare the memory of the device very well. You also should note that your phone must be running Android 4.3 or higher.

Once you have prepared your equipment well, you can start following these steps to enjoy this fascinating game.

1, Scroll down to the bottom of this article to download the game

2, Download the APK and obb files to your device by clicking on the link.

3, Open the folder containing the downloaded file and copy the OBB file to the folder /SDCARD/Android/obb

4, Unzip the obb file.

5, Back to download and install APK file.

6, Open and enjoy the game.



NBA 2K19 is an exciting game that is not only attractive to basketball fans but it is also very attractive to sports enthusiasts on smartphone devices. If you have a mid-range phone that is running Android, you should not miss this game. NBA 2K19 mod apk will also give players more engaging experience by offering a lot of money, which you can use for in-game tasks. Visit our site regularly to find other cool games, and do not forget to rate the attraction in NBA 2K19 at this article. Thanks and have a fun game!

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