My Dino

My Dino

You probably remember that the Pokémon GO game was released on mobile devices in 2016, and has immediately created a global trend with the use of a completely different technology. You can play more actively by hunting and catching the Pokemon outside the real world. Recently, the manufacturer, Snail Games USA Inc. wants to develop this unique idea with the very great game named My Dino. Instead of seeing the Pokemon, you will see a lot of different dinosaurs. In the game, Virtual Reality (AR) technology will give you a great gaming experience revolving around the search, care and fighting with dinosaurs. Let’s join us in exploring this world and became the best dinosaur coach right now!


What’s inside My Dino?

My Dino brings a whole new experience of mobile gaming, allowing you to interact directly with dynamically-animated dinosaurs. You can use your phone to find and catch these huge creatures everywhere. You can see them at the office, school, or on the road … With a dinosaur army, you will have the power to battle against rivals everywhere, or you can work with your friends to create adventures and conquer the new lands. You have to form the best strategy in this multi-player dinosaur world and win the glory.

My Dino

The gameplay

For those who have already played Pokémon GO, it is definitely not strange to play it at all. In the game, you will have to work constantly and look for the Pokemon in the surrounding area. Sometimes, the passion for looking for Pokemon also makes you not to know whether to laugh or cry. My Dino will also play a similar way when you will also move around with your phone, and begin to detect where the dinosaurs appear. You can see them or their eggs. By firing the ball to make them stunned, so you can catch them quite easily.

In My Dino, when you get the dinosaurs does not mean that your job is done. You will have a lot of work to do in the background to make your dinosaurs stronger. The dinosaurs will continue to grow up over time. You will have to train them like a caregiver, put them in the dinosaur land, where you can make them much stronger.

Some of the new and exciting features in My Dino are different from Pokémon GO which is to provide rich multiplayer modes, in which you will be able to see the tactical battles of the dinosaurs. PvP battles will still be mainstream within the game. But there are PvE modes with many chapters and showdown mode with many other challenging battles.

My Dino

Dinosaur system

My Dino is almost full of popular dinosaurs, in which you will be able to see all the different species from flying to swimming, from grass to meat … all of them will take part in this battle with unique fighting styles. Of course, each type of dinosaurs will have their own unique skills, each of which has three different skills. The power of the skill will depend on how you upgrade and train them. The vast and rich world of dinosaurs is waiting for you to discover.

My Dino

The graphics

The highlight of My Dino is the integration of AR technology in finding and collecting dinosaurs. The technology that will bring you into the real world with the combination of the dinosaurs through the camera of the phone. You will see a lot of beautiful images and have a new experience of the world. In addition to AR technology, the images and the dinosaurs design are very lovable cartoon style. The dinosaurs will be scraped off the scary image and only left what’s the cutest thing

My Dino


In general, My Dino gets a lot of new technology, with the new exciting features and enhancements that will give players a whole new experience of a real-virtual game. This game is completely free that you can download with the Android platform at the bottom link and do not forget to evaluate it for supporting us to do the better game in the future! Thanks and have a great gaming time!

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