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Modern Combat 5 mod apk
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Action shooter games are no longer strange to many players. You can easily see many new games in the application store. But you have a problem that you do not know which game to choose and it is interesting enough? You will not need to worry anymore because we will introduce you a great game of action called Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS. Maybe many people are not too familiar with this name anymore, but it is very attractive, which has been highly appreciated by the gamers in the world. Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS was developed by Gameloft Bucharest in 2014 for Android, iOS, and Windows. The appeal of the game has attracted tens of millions of players over the years, and until now the game has continued to grow with other attractive features. In this article, we will learn more about this game.

Modern Combat 5 mod apk

How to play

Modern Combat 5 plays a similar role to the previous four games in the series, in which the players can use special abilities such as shooting, running, grenade launching, loading ammunition and using items. You will find that you are familiar if you have played many other shooting games before. In addition, you can choose your soldiers according to different classes of characters such as attack, sniper, hunter, support … each of which will get the different ability. However, the game will not limit the weapons that character classes can use. The main character in Modern Combat 5 is Caydan Phoenix, who was a minor character in Modern Combat 4, is trying to hunt Saunders. The game revolves around battles taking place in many different cities around the world. The task of the player is to complete the tasks. In the game, you may have to fight, solve Rescue the hostess… It is important that you have to try your best to win the mission before being killed.

In order to play Modern Combat 5, you need to learn how to handle the character smoothly through the virtual keyboard control, in which you can see the controls at the start of your battle. It will be very easy to get acquainted, but it is quite difficult to master completely. You should control your characters carefully. Do not be too aggressive in battles that will make you the target of many enemies. It is better for you to hide and defeat the enemies one by one.

Modern Combat 5 mod apk

Game mode

Campaign Mode: This is a mode that helps you keep track of the story of the game. With the exciting levels, you need to fight to complete missions and explore the story. Modern Combat 5 will make a big difference in this mode by reducing the average mission time to 5-10 minutes, which will save time for a campaign. In this mode, the quests will be divided into different chapters, each of which will be divided into different maps. To start the quests, you will need energy points. You can wait a while for this point to recover or buy them to speed up your campaign.

Multi-players: In this mode, you will find it like many other FPS games. The gameplay will remain PvP among different players. Currently, the game will include 11 different maps including maps taken from previous versions and inspired by modern games. In multiplayer mode, there will be four different types including Soldiers’ League, Duel, Squad play and Non-ranked.

  • Soldiers’ League: You can play Random or Team Battle for killing the members of the opposing team. The first team to kill more, the team wins the game.
  • Duel: You can play 1v1, 2v2 or Tournament. In this mode, the players have to destroy the enemy. The team that won 5 points, the team will be the winner.
  • Squad play: You will be joining with your teammates in the fight against the enemies. In which, you can fight to increase your team’s rankings
  • Non-ranked: This is where you can create your own battles or find other players’ one. In this section, you will also see a few more unique game stypes such as Free For All, VIP, Capture the Flag, Zone Control, Rush Mode…


Battle Royale: Before the boom of the Battle Royale game, the makers of Modern Combat 5 also updated the game to a new game mode called Battle Royale. You do not need to introduce much anymore, because you also know what to do to survive in this exciting game mode right.

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Key features of Modern Combat 5

1, Modern Combat 5 allows all players to interact with other people simply and conveniently. You can communicate with players from around the world, with Squad members, or even talk to each other individually. Never before have you seen the exchange of information so easily.

2, The weapon system and characters in Modern Combat 5 are also attractive and abundant. You can check what you have easy and simple on the main screen. In addition to possessing these unique weapons, you can also upgrade them to increase combat power. Besides, you can get unique combat outfits by unlocking different costumes such as shoes, dresses, hats, and armour.

3, Modern Combat 5 also has a great interaction between players with developers or other players. You can join the big community like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit… Join us to meet and talk with other players about your experience!

4, The developer of Modern Combat 5 also takes care of the players much. They created a separate event item so that players can explore weekly and monthly with attractive and valuable rewards. You can also earn rewards by checking the ads inside the game.

5, VIP feature is commonly seen in games like Modern Combat 5. The manufacturer also did not miss this feature with the players. If you are a VIP, you can get better deals on buying and owning good guns as well as other attractive bonuses. Of course, not the VIP is able to win all. Instead, the player’s skills and the teamwork are still the key factors of your victory.

Modern Combat 5 mod apk

The design

Modern Combat 5 is quite prominent in its design. The game offers excellent image quality with lots of beautiful and spectacular images. You can see the attractive effects in each battle. The game also has an intuitive control mechanism, in which you can customize the game to personalize your experience easier. Modern Combat 5 also supports the HID and MOGA Pro game controller. The music in the game is very exciting and attractive, with which you can be immersed in the intense battle with the guns, bombs sounds. You should wear headphones and enjoy everything in the game.



Modern Combat 5 is a game worth playing, which you can enjoy on smart devices anytime, anywhere. If you have an Android phone, it will be easier to download games from our site. Modern Combat 5 is getting more and more popular. Specially, the developer has recently updated the hottest game mode, Battle Royale. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now. Have a fun game!

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