Mobile Battleground: Frontline


Mobile Battleground: Frontline is a mobile action shooter game from Alchemisted Tech. With many new and innovative features, the game promises to bring you more exciting than the traditional MOBA games you have played. The game has lots of combos and new skills, easy to navigate, and varied maps, which are waiting for you to explore.

Mobile Battleground: Frontline mod

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Maybe you will not be too familiar with the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. In which, you will control a character in one of two teams. Your goal is to destroy the other enemy. In MOBA games, you will not need to build buildings or troops. You just focus on the character developing. In general, you only need to show your fighting ability as well as your own strategic vision.

Mobile Battleground: Frontline mod


In Mobile Battleground: Frontline, you will be instantly selected for one of the six heroes. Each of them with unique abilities and different weapons, you can slowly find out their characteristics through the battle. Then, you will be paired with three other players to form a team and fight with another team. They will be real players with skills and operation, which is not the same AI that you meet. So the difficulty level will be much more.

Each battle will last 5 minutes, so in order to, win you need to take over the central map area and keep it safe from enemies for a period of time. But it will be very difficult. If your team has to defeat 100 players of the opposing team within 5 minutes first, your team will win, or if the team kill more, the team win. When you are killed by an enemy, you will be resurrected at your base after 3 seconds and back to fight immediately.

Movement of the Mobile Battleground: Frontline is quite easy and fast. As usual, the navigation key is still in the lower left corner, you just drag it and move in the direction you want to go. You will have 3 skills to use a skill to flip through, a special skill that can be used and a special skill that is stored in the combat process that can be used in the urgent situation. All the skills will have time to recover. But when shooting with a gun, they will not need time to wait, you only need to change the time. So you need to combine those two while waiting for the replacement for using skills and vice versa.

Mobile Battleground: Frontline mod

Graphics and sound

Mobile Battleground: Frontline possesses a Top-Notch 3D graphics, with stunning visual effects, subtle character patterns, and beautiful battlefield scenery. You can also buy new characters to make a difference in the battles. The exciting and dramatic background music make the game more interesting, combined with the gunfire and skills sound effect, which is like being on a real battlefield.

Mobile Battleground: Frontline mod


Mobile Battleground: Frontline is a fun game that you should not miss. You can try it out and become a professional gunman in the fascinating MOBA world. In addition, you can refer to some other fighting games like Blast Squad, Shadowgun Legends… Finally, if you find this game interesting, please share it with everyone. Wish you have happy gaming experience!

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