Medal Of King

Medal Of King mod

Continuing to expand its market and build its brand, the famous Chinese game maker, Tencent has much more invested to buy the stocks of the other game makers in the world such as Supercell, Riot Games… Tencent has recently acquired some of Ubisoft shares and has a strategic agreement that will produce and market the most successful Ubisoft game titles on PC and mobile in the Chinese market. The latest game of this collaboration that we would like to introduce to you today is Medal Of King, a mobile version of Tom Lancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege.

Tom Lancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege was released by Ubisoft in late 2015 on the PC and Console platform. After a period of collaboration, Tencent and Ubisoft launched the beta version of the game yesterday. This game is hosted and built the content by Tencent, while Ubisoft is as a mentor and contributing ideas to make the game perfect in this version. After Call of Duty Mobile, we will enjoy another new attractive shooting game.

Medal Of King mod


Medal Of King will need players to coordinate smoothly with teammates. This is not a common battle game, in which you must be coordination between the members to rescue and protect the hostages. Even players have to help each other in order to implement the plan. Some elements of this game also divide the player into two factions: attack and defence. Each of them will have them different weapons and missions.

As a teamwork game, Medal Of King allows players have time to prepare, in which you will have to plan with your teammates, prepare everything carefully such as guns, ammunition or how to find out the opponent’s shelter and select the suitable character in each class, which will be combined each other to form the best team. If you are on the defensive side, you will have to strengthen your team zone from the sabotage of the attackers, as well as find more places to hide and entrench.

Medal Of King mod

Character system

The game will feature 5 characters including Breacher, Point Man, Trapper, Blocker and Support. There are14 different characters for you to choose from and you will learn about each side of the game.

Attackers include Breacher, Point Man and Support.

  • Thermite: Thermite is usually the first person that you should pay attention to in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege because he is armed with the common standard in action games. He is equipped with a detonator. Thermite can pierce any walls of the defending team.
  • Montagne: Although he is under attacking team, Montagne is equipped with a pistol. He is carrying the biggest shield in the game, which has the ability to extend vertically to protect the entire front of the Montagne.
  • Fuze: Fuze can be considered as the main attacking force because he is armed with a lot of weapons from rifles to automatic machine guns and shields. As a Breacher character, Fuze can also do Point Man.
  • IQ: IQ is capable of detecting the walls of the defenders’ electrical equipment. He is equipped with modern automatic guns with abundant accessories. IQ’s armour is the worst thing in the game.
  • Sledge: Sledge can destroy any surface, just like a detonator. Like Thermite, Sledge is one of the basic characters of the attacking team in Medal Of King, who is equipped with a medium range weapon and capable of upgrading the long-range view. You can customize him to play anywhere.
  • Twitch: Twitch is equipped with special remote control. In addition to the spy function, it can also fire an electric warhead to destroy a defender’s equipment: from Jager’s demagnetization machine, Mute’s interferer, Bandit’s generator, mines and trapping devices. In addition, the electric warhead of this device can also make the damage on the enemy.
  • Blitz: A character who uses the shield to lead in the game. However, he is completely different from Montagne. Blitz’s shield has stunned the lights. When attacked by the enemy, the Blitz can shock the enemy with stunning light.

Medal Of King mod

Defences force include: Trapper, Blocker, Support

  • Smoke: Although it is listed in a Trapper with his typical weapons and equipment, Smoke can fight as the role of a Blocker. This flexibility is obtained through the poisonous gas bombs. He can activate them to inflict a fatal for blowing on the enemy, or use poisonous smoke to blindfold and block the enemy.
  • Mute: Mute is the hardest member with the settle lite destructor because he has the ability to stop them from detecting the missing part of the defensive system. Mute can disable the ability of the attacking team’s electronic devices such as wall coverings, Fuze’s explosive devices, remote scout equipment and even the Thermite’s explosive.
  • Bandit: The second most important character after the Mute during the 35 seconds of preparation in the beginning of the game. By using a combination of barbed wire and portable generator sets, Bandit can trap and destroy surveillance machines when they are accidentally sacked. Furthermore, this trap also deals damage to both enemy characters.
  • Jager: It is an opposition to Fuze and anyone using traditional battle tactics with grenades. Jager has detonated detonator, allowing him to disable any kind of grenade flying across the active area in the Medal Of King.
  • Pulse: Pulse can detect enemy through the wall, but the enemy display device is quite dim and inaccurate. InIn addition, Pulse’s armour is the lightweight, causing him to fall out after only a few bullets.
  • Rook: For those who like to work idle, Rook is the perfect choice. He is the only character in the defense team with heavy armour. In addition to supplying armour to the teammates at the beginning of the game, Rook is just a defensive fighter.
  • Doc: A cheat specialist with remote rescuing and resurrection ability. However, Doc’s miraculous gun only applies to those who are shot and bleeding.

Medal Of King mod


Although Medal Of King has a not so outstanding graphics, it is still nice and impressive with the fierce. You will see many attractive elements when thousands of pieces of wood flying everywhere, or bleeding. Tencent’s design is more realistic than any mobile game. The sound of guns will be diversified.

Medal Of King mod


With the combination of two famous game makers Tencent and Ubisoft, Medal Of King MOD is definitely a great shooter game that attracts many gamers. Currently, the game is opening the beta testing on the Android operating system, so players on IOS will have to wait a bit longer to be able to enjoy this game. Let’s download the game and enjoy it now!

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