Maze: Shadow of Light


Maze: Shadow of Light is a great action game of AwesomePIG game maker from Korea. In the game, you control your character fighting the vicious monsters. The rare crystal from the powers of darkness wants to take over the land, you have to use your great skills and fight right now!

Maze Shadow of Light mod

The Story of the game

The story is very passionate and well-written. I would like to tell you this story right now. At first, God created a crystalline world in the darkness, and a new world was formed from these crystals called Tera. From the center of all the light, Angelus was created. It was Angelus, who gave birth to more creatures and kept the Tera world balanced and prosperous.

However, the creatures with their endless desires have damaged some of the world’s crystals, and the dusty crystals have created Diabolus, which is the evil that destroys the Tera. At this time, Angelus leader, Lumen, has directed the entire army to stop Diabolus criminals. But the power is still not strong enough.

In the end, Lumen has destroyed the dusty crystals but they have survived as the fragments of Tera. After years of war, Lumen and his followers have claimed a victory, but everything is not over yet. Tera once again fell into the darkness of the war.

Maze Shadow of Light mod

Gameplay of Maze: Shadow of Light

In the game, you will have 3 heroes to choose from including Resiak, Sina, and Rai. Each of them will has different skills and characteristics depending on your play style. Maze: Shadow of Light is a fairly engaging fighting game. In which, you will combine all your skills into a series of combos and infiltrate the monsters in the battle maps of Tera world. There will be a strong boss waiting for you after you have killed all the minions.

The control mechanism of the game is quite familiar to those who play action role-playing games. The console will be located in the left corner for easily moving your characters and evading the skills of monsters. The right side will be the place of skills apart from the normal attack skills. The other skills have a long waiting time so you need to align everything well so that you do not miss the beautiful combo.

By searching for rewards through quests and destroying monsters, you will get what you want to upgrade weapons as well as level up characters. You will see Maze: Shadow of Light is an attractive and addictive PC game like God of War or Torchlight.

Maze Shadow of Light mod

Graphics and sound

The graphics of the game are designed on the attractive 3D background. In addition to the bright colours, the game will give you a very enjoyable experience. The skill set of this game created by the manufacturer is powerful but also contains a lot of good looks. Sometimes, you can even watch slow-moving situations when you finish powerful bosses. The sound of the game is also the lively soundtrack and the dubbing of the characters when performing the skill. It will be an irresistible thing for you.

Maze Shadow of Light mod

Download Maze: Shadow of Light for Android

Maze: Shadow of Light is a new game so it needs your appreciation and share to make it a hot game in this genre. Download the game with the link below and challenge yourself in an exciting world right now! Wish you have great gaming experience!

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