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Master of Eternity mod
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Recently, NEXON released the game, Master of Eternity English version. You might know it in March 2016 with the Korean version. This is a role-playing game combined with the simulating element. You will be a captain of a team that is comprised of 16 beautiful young girls. In addition, they have the power and ability to control the advanced fighting machines against the evil power.


Playstyle of Master of Eternity

With familiar turn-based style, you will have to control and arrange a team and tactics to win the game. With beautiful anime – manga girl team, you will have the chance to fight and communicate with them. The gameplay has some similarities with the famous game Disgaea, which has the Fours.

Each level of Master of Eternity, you will be put into the universe, which is designed like a chess board with square, turn-based battle. You will be you control each girl inside the machine and move near the enemy then attack them with your robot weapons. Sometimes, you do not need to move near the enemies, you can attack from afar with missiles. When you attack a monster, they will also attack you, so be careful not to lose too much blood.

Monsters are very plentiful, and they can appear in every direction in the arena. So, you do not rush for the Robots to resist because you will be surrounded by monsters and will be defeated. There are so many difficulties and dangers that you need to have clear tactics for each battle.


The interesting machines

The robots in Master of Eternity are designed by NEXON as interesting as the Transformer robots. But they will have 3 special skills that you can use in each battle. In addition, it will have additional parameters of blood, energy, attack, defence so you can easily pick the robots that match your own tactics. The image of cute girls will be an interesting contrast to you.


Graphics and sound

With the attractive graphics and unique features associated with the cute character and the hot part of the Master of Eternity, it will surely make the favourite Anime gamers feelling for you. Besides, there is the visual and the light effect of each skill, especially the short excerpts are ingeniously ingenious in the game. You can also communicate with the girl with the lovely voice. It will be very excited.



Master of Eternity MOD is currently being developed by NEXON for free on both Android and IOS. It will be comfortable for you to choose your favourite operating system. Master of Eternitypromises to be an exciting game. Finally, if you love this game, please share it with your friends. Wish you have fun game!

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