MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions
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  • Version: 20.1.1
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  • Size: 90 mb
  • Update: November 27, 2018 at 8:21 pm
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Superheroes are built based on the human imagination. They have a lot of supernatural powers. The subject of superheroes has been exploited by many filmmakers. The films on this subject have made the superhero fan excited. Superheroes have also been brought into the game a lot by various famous manufacturers. Today we would like to introduce to you the great game from Kabam game maker named MARVEL Contest of Champions (MARVEL COC). The game will focus on exploring Marvel superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Spider-Man and many other superheroes. This is a great fighting action game, in which you will transform into superheroes to fight with many villains.

MARVEL Contest of Champions (MARVEL COC) was developed in 2014 for two platforms, Android and IOS, which are based on the events of the Marvel Heroes comic series. Since the launch of the game, it has received the warm welcome of many players. After four years of development, the game increasingly shows its great attraction. It is consistently among the most popular games on Android phones. Kabam producer is also constantly releasing a compelling date to perfect the game. Let’s find out what makes the game so attractive!

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MARVEL Contest of Champions

How to play

In MARVEL CONTEST, you will play the role of a superhero in the battle to protect the world. The game will be simple and easy for all players. You will get a basic training to get used to the game when you start playing. To attack an enemy, you just click on an enemy or swipe on the enemy, the Marvel heroes will automatically jump to and attack the enemy. For defence, you will click on the hero, and they will automatically defend. MARVEL Contest of Champions will focus on a devoted and beautiful combat. You have to try your best to defeat all the enemies. While fighting, the Marvel heroes will be able to accumulate energy points. When the power line is full, you will be able to use a critical skill. You will use the skills to attack or defend properly to win.

The design of the game is also different from the usual. The manufacturer has removed the complicated virtual control buttons. Instead, you can click anywhere on the screen to perform the operations. Although it is an action game, MARVEL Contest of Champions also has some tactical elements in combining superheroes with each other. When you select the appropriate superheroes in the same team, they will activate hidden indicators to increase their strength. For example, when combining Black Bolt and Cyclops, the team will be given a 10% power. There will be a few more attractions in the battle of the Marvel heroes. You will see a lot of great destruction when you defeat the opponent. In addition, along with that victory, there are a lot of celebration effects.

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MARVEL Contest of Champions

Abundant game modes

One of the attractions of MARVEL Contest of Champions is the diversity of the game modes, which have kept many players for a long time. They include:

  • Story Quests: This is the basic mode of the game that follows closely the story of the Marvel hero. You will travel through the universe and fight with many dangerous villains and collect the attractive rewards.
  • Versus: You can fight with different opponents in this mode. In which, you can fight 1vs1 or 3v3 matches. However, the matches are still controlled by the AI, and not a real-time match. (Unlocked at level 4)
  • Alliance Mode: This mode is quite attractive, in which you will be together with many other players to form alliances up to 30 people. Then you will fight against the players in other alliances. (Unlocked at level 4)
  • Event Quests: In this mode, you will be taking part in special events or daily quests to collect the ingredients needed for upgrading the heroes. (Unlocked at level 6)
  • Infinity Dungeons: You can team up and participate in many epic battles for finding many rare items to create the heroic champions (Unlocked at level 16).

MARVEL Contest of Champions

Character system

In MARVEL Contest of Champions, you will see all the famous Marvel heroes as well as the villains who have appeared in the movies. You can collect them by opening different stones. Each type of stone will not have a number of different heroes. After opening the stone, you will receive a random hero. The heroes will be evaluated by the number of stars. The more stars the hero has, the greater the hero’s power will be. You can also upgrade your heroes with the rewards that you have got in the game modes above. You can also find out more about the heroes ‘parameters in the Heroes’ Management section. You can learn more about stats such as blood, attack, defence, skills, combinations to boost strength, ability… You should not be too surprised to see the two heroes, who are quite similar names such as Iron Man and Iron Patriot. There will be a different hero version of Iron Man. Each version will be rated for different strengths and skills.


Beautiful graphics

MARVEL Contest of Champions is designed with 2D graphics for the fighting movements of the heroes. But it is also associated with a spectacular 3D graphics of maps as well as in the heroic display. The main colour of the game will be quite dark with many images outside the vast universe. Character creation should also be mentioned. In which, the Marvel superheroes are meticulously designed. Their movements are quite flexible. The heroes’ skills are very beautiful and appealing, while the Marvel heroes use the skills that come with many spectacular and beautiful effects.

MARVEL Contest of Champions

Download and install MARVEL Contest of Champions (MOD + APK)

Although the MARVEL Contest of Champions owns a nice graphics with lots of interesting graphics, the game’s capacity is well handled of 70 MB and has no OBB file. So the game is easy to install and operate. First, you can scroll down to the bottom of this article and click on the blue link called Download APK. Then select the version of the game that you want to download (we will provide the full 2 ​​files are MARVEL Contest of Champions MOD and MARVEL Contest of Champions APK). The download process will take place automatically with no ads and viruses. Once you have obtained the APK file, proceed as normal by accepting the installation.



MARVEL Contest of Champions is a very attractive game, which has many great features to attract the players. In addition, the game is well taken care of to bring the great experience to the players. The game is expected to be more popular in the future. You can visit our website regularly to find out more about other exciting games, as well as to support us to find more attractive games. The link of the game is below. Let’s download and enjoy it right now! Thanks and have a fun game!

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