MARVEL Battle Lines


The superhero world has always brought you the most attractive feelings, so superhero games are always exploited by the game producer. Recently, NEXON Company worked with Marvel Entertainment to release a new game of Marvel’s superhero world. It is MARVEL Battle Lines. You will be in a very strategic game and meet hundreds of superheroes. In the game, you can enjoy the original story that was written by Marvel writer Alex Irvine.

MARVEL Battle Lines mod

The story

The universe is broken causing the Marvel Universe to be in chaos. You will have to join superheroes team like Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man to fight and restore the Universe. In the game, you can join with Captain America, Thor, Daredevil, Venom, Doctor Strange … and fight the villains from all over the universe, or fight with other players around the world and become a legend.

MARVEL Battle Lines mod

The intuitive gameplay

In the game, you will immediately enjoy a story of the world Marvel through the images. You should keep calm read each episode occurred in the story and get to know the basic fighting style of the game. You will have the cards to simulate the heroes in the bottom corner of the screen. You will drag and drop those cards and an arena consisting of 3×4 squares. Those cards will start to fight with other opponents as well as attack the card masters.

In MARVEL Battle Lines, though the controls are very intuitive and easy, the strategies are not so easy. In the game, you need to arrange the cards into special and best strategies to break the enemies’ strategies. In addition, you have to align the use of 6 energy points to arrange your cards in the best and most appropriate way, which requires a lot of researching and learning ability through each battle. Let’s fight and accumulate experience to become the best strategy master.

MARVEL Battle Lines mod

The game modes

MARVEL Battle Lines will allow players to participate in PvP matches from the beginning without requiring any level or anything, which will bring a lot of ease and appeal to the players. You can take part in the battles in Story Mode and explore the story written by Marvel writer Alex Irvine. In addition to the original storyline, the single-player mode of the game will add extra storylines.

MARVEL Battle Lines mod

The abundant card collection

With more than 100 cards of all Marvel heroes, players can collect in both single player and PvP modes to complete their powerful cards. You can upgrade your cards with the rewards you earn in battles. It is the important things in the battles of MARVEL Battle Lines.

MARVEL Battle Lines mod

The graphics and sound

MARVEL Battle Lines will be different from the superhero games. It will not have a 3D graphics but the beautiful images and a lot of great fighting effects like a comic. The music of the game will also be a dramatic factor, which will greatly enhance the attractiveness of this strategy game.

MARVEL Battle Lines mod

Download and install

MARVEL Battle Lines MOD is a new strategy game of NEXON Company. In the game, the players can enjoy the exciting strategy battles. If you see the game interesting, please support this game by sharing it with others. Currently, the game is available on the Android platform, you can download it via the link below and do some simple steps to complete the installation (NOTE: the game requires Android 6.0 and higher). Wish you have the great gaming time!

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