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After launched in Korea for the first time in 2016, MapleStory M has immediately received a lot of attention from many gamers. It immediately reaches the top of the list of free games on the Google Play and App Store. In the first 2 weeks, there were more than 2 million downloads, which is a very impressive number proving the great attraction of the game.

In early 2018, the game launched a worldwide beta version for Android devices. After the testing period, the game was officially launched in the world. The game was produced by the well-known manufacturer, Nexon, with a compelling storyline that the game will be the focus of attention in 2018.

MapleStory M mod

The familiar gameplay

MapleStory M is the perfect rendition of the MapleStory world right on your phone. In the game, the players will encounter images as well as very familiar features of a time. The game also introduces you to five unique MapleStory characters that resemble the PC version including Dark Knight, Bowmaster, Night Lord, Bishop and Corsair. You just have to choose a favourite character and immediately start the adventure. In addition, MapleStory M has been added to many new features making this game more prominent as the previous version. In the game, you can see the number of items, equipment and the game customization is well-invested, allowing you to freely customize your character.

In the game, you will enjoy a lot of new charms. You can upgrade the character with the diamonds, which you collected at the fight in the dungeon, or from the weekly rewards. If you love to play hard, you can focus on levelling up by fighting monsters in small private tombs and hunting for rare items for yourself. Furthermore, MapleStory M also gives players a lot of difficulties, dangerous but also the unexpected excitement. For example, you can try your luck by exploring the deadly pyramid. In which, you will have to confront the mummies and fierce monsters for finding the mysterious treasure that contains precious rewards. In addition, you can join up with 10 other friends in the fight against powerful bosses.

MapleStory M mod

The classic graphics

MapleStory M has the nice graphics, which are designed with a 2D graphics that match the style of Nexon. But the quality of the game image is very sharp and charming. In addition, the character formation of the game is also detailed from the face, armour, weapons, which are all meticulously polished. The scenery is also very plentiful, which make you interested. In addition, the skills effects are also very beautiful such as fire, lightning, wind…

MapleStory M mod


MapleStory M MOD will be a fun and engaging game for all players who already know it or have not known it yet. This game promises to be the latest success of Nexon for many years of game development on different platforms. Currently, the official version has launched on the Android platform. You can download this game by using the link below and enjoy it right now.

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