Major Mayhem 2 – Action Arcade Shooter

Major Mayhem 2 mod

Major Mayhem 2 is the sequel to the funniest shooter game, Major Mayhem, which has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play store. The game is inspired by the classic Metal Slug gameplay. When you are resting on a beautiful beach with a cute girl, your enemies are coming and attacking you. Right now, you have to take the gun and start fighting. In the game, you will be transformed into young warriors and rescue the good people, who are kidnapped by the evil forces.

Major Mayhem 2 mod

Simple gameplay

Major Mayhem 2 is similar to the previous ones in its simple but dramatic gameplay, which are familiar in action games such as running, hiding and shooting. Usually, your character will be difficult to kill by a few bullets. But you do not be subjective. If you are hit by the red bullets with massive damage or you are attacked by mummies, you will lose the life right there. In such situations, you need to hurry and kill enemies before they can attack you.

On the way, you must constantly pay attention to the hidden places because the beast will appear unexpectedly and immediately shoot you. Their numbers are quite large so you need to hid and kill one by one. your mission is to rescue the hostages so do not fight for the enemy but shoot the wrong hostage. After rescuing the hostage, they will reward you a lot of money. You can use this money for upgrading your gun and buy more weapons for your warriors. You will be surprised when your warriors can use all weapons skillfully and sometimes even catch the enemy’s grenades and throw them back.

Major Mayhem 2 mod

Interesting new things

In the game, is you will enjoy an unprecedented madness with the unique fighting style of the game and hundreds of different villains. This game is also designed with the game rounds, which means that you will select a game and then fight until you kill all the enemies and be evaluated by the stars. After that, you can unlock the next rounds. Now, there will be 50 levels for the game. You will definitely have a lot more to play in the next version. In addition, you can also upgrade your weapons to gain more power and fight with powerful bosses to earn honourable medals.

Major Mayhem 2 mod

Graphics and sound

Major Mayhem 2 possesses a 3D graphics with wide viewing angles but it is moved to a horizontal screen. When you battle, the angles will gradually shift towards enemies attacking you. The game with the colourful images with animated cartoon characters will give you a good gaming experience. This game also has a vibrant background soundtrack along with the action and other screams sound such as the voice of dead enemies or the voice of the hostages when freed.

Major Mayhem 2 mod

Download Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk latest for Android/IOS

With its amazing advantages, Major Mayhem 2 MOD will be a game great game and I would not be too surprised when this game will follow the success of the previous ones and achieve more success. You can download the game with high-speed links below. Please share this game if you find it interesting. Have a fun game!

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