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If you love Anime stories and like enjoying the sweet stories from them, you should play My Maid Girlfriend: Romance You Choose. In the game, you will be the owner of a house and the beautiful maids that you hire to care for and clean your home. My Maid Girlfriend: Romance You Choose was produced by Genius Inc. to meet the expectations of gamers to experience the feeling of a boss and create the emotions in this story.

You are living a normal life. One day, your dad discovers an oil field that makes him a millionaire and that’s why you turn into a rich man. From now on, your dad’s job will be hectic and they will decide to hire a maid to take care of you. Suddenly, you realized that the maids are your childhood friends. You need to choose the best one to take care of you the best.

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My Maid Girlfriend mod

The character in this story

The first is Kim
Age: 15 years old
Introduction: Kim was your good friend in elementary school. She is a great cooker. In addition, she also has the ability to clean things cleanly and neatly. Kim is also the president of the school clubs. She has a cool and sweet. She agreed to work as a maid for her father’s debts.

The second is Mina
Age 17 years old
Introduction: Mina is your classmate. She is a good cooker and has good gardening skills. She always wears glasses to hide her angelic beauty. She admits that her personality is quite childish so she wants to be closer to you and decide to be your maid.

Finally, Ana
Age: 21 years old
Introduction: Ana is a college student. She is great with all the household chores, especially she likes cooking and baking for you. She cared for you meticulously like a mom. She decided to be a maid to make money to cover her tuition fees.

My Maid Girlfriend mod

Graphics and music

My Maid Girlfriend: Romance You Choose is designed in the Japanese anime style. All stories are simulated in 2D images like a comic book. This game is well invested in the music. The sweet voices are added to enhance the appeal of the game.

My Maid Girlfriend mod


My Maid Girlfriend: Romance You Choose MOD is a fascinating game. If you are interested in Anime and Manga stories, you can choose this game for fun with engaging stories and pictures. With the simple imagines and attractive stories, this game will bring you a lot of charm. Currently, this game can be played on the Android operating system. You can download this game and enjoy it now. Have a fun game!

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