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Mad Driver mod
Mad Driver
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Racing games are familiar to many players. If you want to enjoy a different concept of cars, Mad Driver will be a good choice for you. Mad Driver is a crazy battle like MAD MAX film. In the game, you will be involved and explore the worldwide, the deadly weapons and the fierce online battles. Let’s make your enemy the scrap with the mighty power of your cars! Join us right now!

Mad Driver mod

The new gameplay

Mad Driver will bring intense online matches to the players, which requires the high skill levels with driving and shooting. It’s quite easy to drag the button to move your car, which will reduce the amount of work for you. You will be able to stay in place and rotate the view angles to observe your enemies easily. You should remember that the centre of the screen is the heart of the weapons that your car uses so you have to target well before shooting the competitor.

In each battle, you will have to work with your teammates to perform the missions and attack the enemy. Each team will have 4 players. The basic task will still be to fight and kill the opponent to win the game. But you can also team up to conquer the enemy’s base to win the game.

Mad Driver mod

The abundant vehicles and unique weapons

Mad Driver will have a wide variety of vehicles, each of which will have specific characteristics that you need to explore such as heavy armoured vehicles that will move slowly but with good resistance. The more flexible vehicles are weaker. You can also upgrade the cars by equipping more defensive and attacking details for more power. The creativity is unlimited.

Mad Driver also has many new and unique weapons such as machine guns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, miniguns… and many other weapons. These weapons can be bought in the store and equipped to your combat vehicle easily.

Mad Driver mod

The graphics and sound

This game is designed with a great graphics, which are the fun and authentic 3D environment. In addition, Mad Driver also has a lot of spectacular effects, beautiful scenery and great atmosphere create interesting feelings for the players. The sound of the game is also quite diverse with the sound of thunderous motions and gunshots repeatedly, which make the game more intensive.

Mad Driver mod


Mad Driver MOD contains a myriad of cool elements. This is probably the best action game in this game genre this summer. Therefore, you do not hesitate to download the game with the link at the bottom of this article and start enjoying the great game right now! If you find this game interesting, please share and rate it in this article. Have a great game!

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