Live or Die: survival

Live or Die survival mod

The charm of the survival game has been raised. Today, we would like to introduce you another game called Live or Die: survival. In the game, the disease was broke out. Nearly all the people would be dead or be mutated. You and some other survivors are trying to fight the zombies wandering outside the dead. This battle will be very difficult and you need to equip yourself with the good knowledge and skills. Finally, you have found out the cause of the disease and recover the beautiful world.

Live or Die: survival

How to survive

In Live or Die: survival, each survivor has to try the best to survive and overcome the difficulties. You can develop your character by equipping the weapons and armour you found or created. Each day of your survival, you need to be quicker, smarter and stronger. In the wildlife outside, there are not only the Zombies but also other players who always want to plunder your resources. You have to develop yourself and build. You will also have to discover and collect resources to serve your own survival.

The best survivors need to find good weapons and armour to fight with the powerful zombies. The stronger you are, the more design drawings of the new weapon and armour you will unlock. You should find the most suitable and easy to equip you then find the zombie and defeat them.

You will need resources to build your base, make weapons and armour for surviving. You have to move around and explore the surroundings and pick up everything that you can find. You can use all to build your own safe base. Zombie Flames will constantly try to attack your base so you need to concentrate more on surviving to the end.

Live or Die: survival

The danger comes from everything

The world is now a wilderness of deadly zombies. But the zombies are already insane, but they have great strength, speed and aggression, which will increase their danger. In addition to the zombies, you will also face other survivors in the war, who want to loot all your resources and base. You can protect your base or attack other player’s bases for the better shelter.

Live or Die: survival mod

Graphics and sound

The game was designed with a beautiful and modern graphics, along with realistic 3D images, which will bring you a better gaming experience. In addition, the sound of the game will be a dead silence, with the sound of horror. They will make you stay concentration.

Live or Die: survival mod


The survival games still have a lot of fun, so checking out this game as well as finding out some other survival games like The Outlived, WarZ: Law of Survival…. With survival game, you can immerse yourself in the battles and accomplished the quest for getting the unique rewards. Live or Die: Survival is the newest game but promises to be the hottest game in the near future.

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