LINE Torocco Wars


LINE Torocco Wars is a potential game from the famous mobile game publisher, LINE. In the game, it will be a competition in real time with other players, in which you will ride on the trucks with your friends and compete for the attractive treasures. The game will promise to bring you many attractions. Let’s explore it!

LINE Torocco Wars mod

Interesting gameplay

At the beginning of the game, it will always be fun and be laughing. There will be 3 trucks in the battle, each car can hold a maximum of 4 people and you will control 2 of 4 hunters at the same time. You need to compete with others. You must not let them overtake you in the race. You can perform many attacking and dodge situations. You need to hurry up because there are 3 minutes for you to complete the mission. If your team does not finish the game on time, your team will lose.

In addition, LINE Torocco Wars will have basic commands that you can use when playing with your teammates such as attack commands, defensive commands, breakthrough commands. To use all the commands effectively, you should pay attention to work well with your teammates. Choosing the type of character will also affect your gameplay. There will be more than 30 characters with different skills and roles in each race so you need to consider when choosing them. To combine commands with each other in a smooth manner, you can change your character to fit your team’s strategy as well as your fighting style. The manufacturer also has the design in controlling the cars. Wood is somewhat easier and more intuitive so now you can master everything more quickly.

LINE Torocco Wars mod

Design and sound

LINE Torocco Wars is designed with 2.5D graphics, which is shaped like a pretty cartoon character, combined with fun character actions, will give you an interesting feeling. The sound of the game is very exciting with the combination of background music and the real battle sounds, which will be more attractive to you.

LINE Torocco Wars mod

Download LINE Torocco Wars APK for Android

LINE Torocco Wars MOD can be a cute and fun game that you have been looking for so long. You will be very exciting when participating in the fun game with nice characters and unique play style. This game is new so you can try it out and evaluate it for helping the manufacturer improve the game and gives us a perfect experience. Wish you have happy gaming time!

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