LEGO® NINJAGO®: Ride Ninja

LEGO® NINJAGO®: Ride Ninja
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Nowadays, it is a pretty nice day, and I was watching videos on Youtube. I suddenly found a video of a funny game called LEGO NINJAGO: Ride Ninja. This is a new game with lots of fun elements such as action, adventure, racing, fighting … You must know many interesting LEGO style games about dinosaur, and now you will enjoy a new racing LEGO game. Let me introduce a bit about this game before you can experience it.


The story of LEGO NINJAGO

Zane secretly broke into the Sons of Garmadon (a dangerous criminal organization in NINJAGO® City) for finding out what the gang’s illegal activities. To win trust from this gang through difficult challenges, and finally to become one of them, you will have to take on a dangerous street race. To survive, can you do that and accomplish this task.


Great gameplay

Joining the LEGO NINJAGO, you will be driving a motor full of power and modern technology to avoid the traffic in NINJAGO city by tilting your device. On the other hand, enemies will always take the initiative to attack you so you can respond to them using your own Ninja skills or the modern weapons of your fighting motor. In addition, you can search for LEGO® Studs, which can be found in mysterious bags containing upgrades to increase weapons, armor, blood and provide some special abilities. LEGO® Studs can be used to upgrade and buy more mysterious bags.

Your enemies will be angry and aggressive. They will also use your speedy cars, so you need to be careful. Otherwise, your character will be out of the car and have to stop playing. In each level, you can choose 4 items to support. You should choose the most upgraded items to use. Everything will be pretty crazy and chaotic so you should be careful.


Graphics and sound

The game was designed with beautiful 3D images like many other LEGO games that you have ever seen. LEGO NINJAGO will bring you to a colorful and vibrant LEGO world. With easy-to-use touches like lightweight and tilt the phone almost everything is under your control. Moreover, the game also possesses a vibrant and exciting soundtrack that will immerse you in the violent and dangerous streets of NINJAGO city.


Download LEGO NINJAGO Mod Apk latest for Android

LEGO NINJAGO MOD is a story about good and evil, all centered around young ninjas. Each of them will have special abilities and be trained carefully. The game is always with a balanced mix of danger, creativity and excitement. Opportunities are immeasurable. Most of the things are taken place in this exciting and innovative game. Download and experience it with the link below. Wish you have exciting game!

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