Legend of Solgard

Legend of Solgard mod apk

About King producer, surely most of you will think of their most popular game, Candy Crush Saga, or other cute Match-3 games. Today, I would like to introduce to you the great game named Legend of Solgard, which was designed with a completely new style and gameplay. It is getting the attention of many players with the huge installation number. You can have more great entertainment options for yourself. Let’s learn a bit about this new game!

Legend of Solgard mod apk

The Myths

Solgard world is being attacked by the snow devil. Nearly all creatures are trapped in these ice crystals. You will join forces with Embla to summon legendary heroes for fighting and protecting Solgard world. The heroes included in this story are the heroes that appear in the history of the Northern Europe, who are always eager to seek justice. You will be the one who connects them and creates the power in the arena of heroes.


The familiar gameplay

In Legend of Solgard, you and the evil forces will stand on two opposing sides. Although the game carries one designed in the role-playing style, it is designed by a producer of the popular Match-3 games. This is a completely new combination. It is really necessary for a player to become a leader because you will have to combine the heroes to form the great power. You will drag or move the heroes in a map so that the same heroes can join together and form the better power. This will be a very interesting and fair turn-based battle.

Legend of Solgard will allow players to move the heroes in a flexible way. You can drag in straight lines or diagonal lines as long as your heroes form a line with at least 3 heroes. When the heroes combined, they will automatically rush towards the enemy and fight. This game will be highly strategic in each level of the game as it will show you how to arrange and distribute your squad. Many games will also require a lot of creativity.

This game is designed with individual gameplay and a lot of events. You will easily recognize the familiarity of Match-3 games in the arrangement of the game levels. You will pass the levels one by one to unlock the next. These levels will last almost forever along Solgard and you can gradually explore all the landscapes in the land.

Legend of Solgard mod apk

The hero system

An abundant heroes system will be an interesting point to be mentioned in Legend of Solgard. In the game, you will have many different heroes to collect and discover. In addition, upgrading these heroes will be essential to your fight in the next level. Upgrading will help the players increase the heroic stats. You can easily collect these heroes through the process of fighting or unlocking the chest in the store. Sometimes, you will only get to the hero’s piece as a card. You need to collect enough cards to own that hero. Each level can only carry up to 4 heroes so you should choose the good ones for forming the strongest team to win more easily.

Legend of Solgard mod apk

The graphics

I am not too surprised that Legend of Solgard has such a nice and smooth graphics because it was designed by the famous game makers, King, which is so well known for its many beautiful and cute games. The images will get more bright colours and charming animated style. In addition, creating the heroes is also quite unique and interesting. They can be either adorable or a fierce red bear. The music of the game is also something quite unique that adds to the appeal of the game. The background music brings a spirit of excellence and excitement to the Solgard world.

Legend of Solgard mod apk


In general, Legend of Solgard has its own unique charms, which is a great idea with a combination of different playing styles. The game is really innovative and suitable for many ages, especially children. This game is gaining a lot of attention and will certainly soon reach 1 million installs in a short time. Hopefully, it will have the same success with Candy Crush Saga with this novel idea in the future. You can download the game below and do not forget to rate it in our article. Thanks and have a fun game!

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