Legend of Dynasty

Legend of Dynasty mod apk

Return to the story of the Three Kingdoms period, this story has been exploited by many manufacturers and created a lot of interesting games. With this story, the producers can exploit in many aspects to create different genres such as tactics, adventure… Legend of Dynasty game that we would like to introduce to you today is a great action game of the chaotic Three Kingdoms period. You will see the heroes and generals of this era through the unique design of CMGE Group Limited. You will not be disappointed with a fast-paced and quality fighting game. Let’s explore the interesting things in this exciting game!

Legend of Dynasty mod apk

The unique gameplay

If you have ever read the Three Kingdoms story, you will realize that the story is written in chapters with different backgrounds and events, which will also be applied in Legend of Dynasty. In the game, you will gradually explore the story through fighting in different chapters in the game. You will select yourself a famous general in this period and start the adventure in the story, start fighting the different enemies in each chapter. You will fight very simple in a 2D horizontal screen, use the scroll key on the left and the skills on the right to create your skill combo.

Legend of Dynasty will give you the control of your fighting without any form of automatic combat added. During the battle, you also need to pay attention to the bloodlines and the power lines of the heroes to be able to control and win the game. In the game, you do not let your hero die before the stage of the last boss.

Legend of Dynasty mod apk

Hero system

There are 135 heroes in this game with 675 skills. These numbers are not large but to find out and grasp all also need a long time. You have to learn each hero one by one and learn the most perfect combo to get your unique tactics and power. Of course, Legend of Dynasty will allow players to upgrade the heroes, which will change the hero’s strength and appearance. Weapons, skills and levels are things you need to care about because they will directly bring the power of the hero.

Legend of Dynasty mod apk

The graphics and sound

Legend of Dynasty is designed with a very friendly 2D graphics, which does not make the game boring. It offers a fast and smooth experience for many players. The sharp images and beautiful skills also contribute to the attraction of the game. In addition, the producers are also interested in heroic by designing up to 375 different outfits for the heroes. The sound of the game is not easily overlooked by the producer. All characters interact with the authentic voice of the CV that makes up the most unique features of the game.

Legend of Dynasty mod apk


Legend of Dynasty MOD has a lot of interesting elements for action game lovers. It has been a lot of players appreciate very well. Immerse yourself in the fabulous comic world with the enticing stories in this game by downloading it at the bottom. If you find this game attractive, do not forget to share and evaluate the game in this article. Thanks and have a fun game!

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