Legacy of Atlantis

Legacy of Atlantis

You have heard much about the land of Atlantis through stories, movies, where was also considered as a continent by ancient Greek philosophers. The land has reached a glorious summit more than 11 thousand years ago. But, suddenly, it disappeared without a trace, leaving a huge mystery. Legacy of Atlantis is a role-playing game developed by the Korean game developer to recreate the story of Atlantis. In the game, you will control your character in battle with monsters, discover the cause of the Collapse of Atlantis and search for forgotten treasures in this land.

Legacy of Atlantis

The Story

Suddenly, Atlantis was destroyed and the Heart of Atlantis was also buried in the dust. The cause of this collapse has not been cleared. Many people think that Atlantis Heart has too much magical power. And it has created the wrath of the gods. After hundreds of years of burial, many people have been trying to return to this land for searching for Atlantis Heart. Because many people think it has tremendous power, which can make people becoming powerful for dominating the world. The two great powers, Pendragon and Elftheim, created a war for power. You will be a hero in this war for protecting the innocent people of Pendragon from the monsters created by Elftheim’s army.

Legacy of Atlantis

The Playstyle

Legacy of Atlantis is quite easy to get acquainted and play. It is still a familiar control arrangement with many other role-playing games, the bottom left corner will be a button for moving, the bottom right corner will be the skills and blood bottles.

In each level, you will be put on a map divided into different parts of the land of Atlantis. The monsters will quickly appear and you will fight to kill them all for passing the gate to the next map. In the end, each level is always the presence of powerful bosses with the task of guarding the various treasures, you use the skills of attack and dodge to defeat them.

The rewards are very abundant includes experience to level your character, or you will get some heroes, they will fight with you in the next battle as the teammate. Money and equipment will be indispensable for a role-playing game as they are the factor for your strength.

Legacy of Atlantis

Abundant characters

There are 9 main characters that you can choose for your journey. Each character will have different characteristics and strengths so you can choose them carefully to match the gameplay and your personality.

Procyon is Elfhiem’s ​​prophet, he is very frost hardy and calm. His weapon is a large trinket with many magical powers that will be a great source of damage in battle.

Freyia is one of the greatest monks in Elfhiem, who is a committed historical researcher and Procyon’s love. He will be a good supporter.

Arthur Pendragon is the king of Pendragon. He is also a famous knight with great sword skills. He will always be a pioneer in the war and destroying everything.

Glahad is the commander of the royal knight Pendragon, who is loyal and resolute. His weapon is the hammer and the shield. He will be a brave combatant.

Louden Kyle is a mysterious warrior, who has been sealed off in ancient ruins in Atlantis, using a lance with great power and a true warrior.

Moira is a mystery to the royal fortune-teller, whose real name and the source is unknown. She always makes predictions about Pendragon’s future. You can also see her as the Mage of Pendragon.

Vega is Freyia’s brother and also the captain of the Forest Fairy Haven. Nobody can track him, he seems as a killer and loyal to Procyon.

Dorothy is a cheerful and strong girl and a close friend of the protagonist. She has no memory, she always takes care of the poor and gives people a sense of security.

Capella is the royal adviser and protector of Elf King Andrea, who is cool and very wise. He is always dedicated and loyal to Andrea. But he is also indecisive and always worried.

Graphics and sound

The game was designed on a 3D platform, the Legacy of Atlantis is beautiful with bright colours giving you a great gaming experience. The skills of the characters are also very beautiful makes the fight very interesting. Melodious background music with Korean music will always be attractive to many people.

Legacy of Atlantis

Download Legacy of Atlantis Mod Apk for Android

With the positive response of many players even when the new game launches the trial version, Legacy of Atlantis MOD can be a worthy game for you to play. Download the game and enjoy it! If you see the game interesting, please invite your friends to play with. We wish you have fun game!

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