Last Survival War: Apocalypse

Last Survival War

Last Survival War: Apocalypse – Survival games are loved by so many people in the world, so the recent HERO Game of China has released a game called Last Survival War: Apocalypse. You will wake up in a land where the people here are turned into zombies for no reason. You will collect everything like fruits, wood, stone… and make the necessary and fight with those zombies for finding a way out of this land. The gate will be located nearby. But when you go out, everything is not finished, it just starts.

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The play style of Last Survival War

In the beginning area, you can collect many things to prepare for the journey, so take advantage of everything before you go out there. In addition, the dead zombies will give you something, so you should try your best to kill them all. When you go out, build your base and find more survivors and protect them. You can train and upgrade your armies to increase your strength, attack thousands of enemies’ bases to takes everything they have for you.

Key features of the game:

  • Surviving, fighting and collecting everything you need.
  • Building, training and leading your team to the victory.
  • Fighting in PvP mode with many players and taking all the values.

Last Survival War: Apocalypse MOD is a horror game so you need to be from 12 years old to play it. But if you are a fan of these genres then do not be afraid to play it no matter how old you are. Wish you have great gaming experience!

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