Last Pixels Battle

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Last Pixels Battle is a novelty in the survival game genre that you should try to have more fun. Surely, you all know the fighting survival games such as PUBG, Fortnite, FortCraft … Now, you will have another fun game of this type. In this game, you will not see the beautiful images or graphics but many interesting Minecraft pictures, which will bring you many new and attractive experiences. The game was designed by the makers of Super Games Studio, which is a new producer from Rusia. We hope that you support the developer to have more attractive games for you.

Last Pixels Battle mod

Play style

The gameplay is still a survival battle. You will be put into an online fight arena with many players, in which you will have to do anything to survive until the end of the battle. You will be brought to the mysterious island along with the other 40 players. You will have to show many different skills as well as the strategy to be the last survivor and win the glory. Initially, you will have nothing. You should try to move and search for weapons, items on the island.

Last Pixels Battle is designed with simple controls that are not as complicated as the other games in the genre. You will not have to pay much attention to other things. You just focus on strategy and shooting elements. Although the manufacturer has introduced the large maps, the maps are not as large, but it is large enough for a total of 40 players. In addition, the game also has a play mode with friends and up to 4 people. Let’s discover the mysterious places as well as share the weapons you have with your friends.

Last Pixels Battle mod

Graphics and sound

The game was designed with 3D graphics but it is not so prominent and beautiful. This time, the game was designed in Minecraft style with the square angular image. However, the game is still attractive because the Minecraft fans are so many. The sound of the game is very exciting with many guns, bombs… which create a lot of charm for the game.

Last Pixels Battle mod


Last Pixels Battle MOD is a new and exciting game that you should enjoy. It will help you release the stress and not take you as much time as the game of survival genre. The game is available on both Android and IOS platforms so you can try out with other players around the world. If you find this game attractive, please download it with the link below and share it with everyone. Wish you have a fun game!

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