Last Line Of Retreat

Last Line Of Retreat
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Last Line of Retreatis a retro style game, which was designed by Jumpbutton studio. In Last Line of Retreat, the protagonist is Dude, an elite soldier on a fiery battlefield in hell, witnessing everything in flames and sometimes even dangerous bombers appear on the head, or cargo falling down he will have to go through everything and reach his destination in a whole way.

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Last Line Of Retreat

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The battlefield is dangerous for everyone, and so is Dude. Join the game, you will face a lot of danger stalking everything can bring death to you. Your task is to jump down from the high and dangerous stairs. On every stairway, there will be dangerous enemies hindering your footsteps. You need to kill them fast and jump to the next step unless the flames from hell will fall down and destroy everything. It is important that you do it fast so that no matter what obstructs you and you can win high scores to compete with family and friends to create fun in your game.

Last Line Of Retreat

Key features of Last Line of Retreat:

  • Simple gameplay: You will shoot and jump continuously.
  • Block the cards to help you free up and down faster.
  • Powerful 2D graphics and great sound.
  • Multiple difficulty levels for you to challenge.

Last Line Of Retreat


Retro-style games and simple gameplay will make it easy to catch up and get used to it instantly. You can use fast-paced skills to overcome all the obstacles. The game requires Android 4.1 or higher and is ranked 7+ with a bit of violence. Have happy gaming time!

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