Land of Doom

Land of Doom mod

The unique themes are constantly being explored by game makers and added to new and exciting elements. The Zombie theme is no longer new to many players, but why is the Production is still making a lot of games revolving around this topic? The human’s curiosity is always huge and zombies are something so mysterious. Shinezone Group producer will bring us a very new game on this subject called Land of Doom. It will be interesting battles revolve around the zombies that you should try.

Land of Doom mod

The background of the world

Land of Doom is our world 15 years after a global pandemic caused by a deadly virus. Almost the people in the world were killed or turned into zombies. In order to survive, the rest people had to build the strong bases to hide and protect themselves. You will have many ways to find resources and weapons. In the game, you can go out to attack the zombies to take the materials or attack the bases of others to loot and survive. This is a world without rules, in which the survivor and the winner must be the strongest. Let’s try your best to do it!

Land of Doom mod

Fight and survive

At the beginning of the game, you should look for a few survivors to start building your base. You can build the stores, bars, living quarters… in your base. You will control all these works as well as the health of the people. There will be a general evaluation of the whole base as food, water, health … You need to make sure these things never go to zero. Otherwise, the survivors will die. You can go out to find out wanderers somewhere or where zombie-filled areas are, fighting with all to gather the vital resources for your base.

Land of Doom will be quite easy to control and fight. You will be in charge of a group of weaponry guys to fight against zombies. By clicking on locations on the map, you can move to other locations. You have to move constantly to dodge zombies and shoot at them to destroy them. Do not let them surround you!

You can freely explore the world map and choose to develop in whatever direction you want. At any time, you can also fight with other players, or form alliances with them to occupy resources. In addition, you can also explore the special shops scattered around the world map, which will allow you to buy rare items to help your fortress get stronger.

Land of Doom mod

The graphics

Overall, Land of Doom has a nice design with lots of new and interesting images. The remodelling of the ruined world is excellent. You can see the pile of dump and many other scary scenes when participating in his adventures. Also, with the top-down design, it is easy to see and battle multiple players. You will experience more intense and exciting battles.

Land of Doom mod


Land of Doom is a new game, which has a lot of attractive features. It has the great thrilling story and a ruined world of freedom for you to explore. We hope that in the coming time, Land of Doom will get the more support from the players. You can download this game for the Android platform by using our link below and do not forget to evaluate it for us to do the better game in the future! Thanks and have a great gaming time!

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