Kung Fu Z

Kung Fu Z mod

Street martial arts have always received a lot of attention from the players. The games of this genre can be said to be the first games on the mobile, which are the simple, fun and very interesting games, often attract a lot of gamers’ attention. Therefore, many manufacturers are still thinking about producing the interesting games like that. Kung Fu Z is such an exciting kung-fu action game that you should not miss.

Kung Fu Z mod

The beautiful earth is suffering from the invasion of a lot of bloodthirsty zombies. They are wandering outside the streets. You and the martial arts heroes have to protect the Earth. You can use your fists and intelligence to save the city from the evils whether you are a kung-fu master or just a normal person.

Kung Fu Z mod

The gameplay

Kung Fu Z has a classic and simple gameplay that will take you on the streets and confront the evils. In the game, you need to fight and defeat the monsters. The pace of the game will be very fast. Your actions must be fast and accurate. You can perform many attacks and unique skills of martial arts such as punching, kicking, launching the darts to knock down all the enemies. In each battle, you will be taken to many different fighting locations. There will be many zombies and powerful bosses blocking your way. You have to keep fighting and keep track of your journey. The monster is very crowded but you will also get help by collecting different items on the way like power boost, blood… You can also boost your character by buying more supporting items such as the unique gloves, shoes, clothing … You just collect a lot of money during the battle. You can also get stronger and stronger.

Kung Fu Z mod

The graphics and music

Kung Fu Z is built on a simple graphics and quite a classic retro style. The images are very simple and easy to see but it is still very attractive. You will be fighting fast, smoother and do not worry too much about jerking. In addition, the game will have many crazy fighting situations that you have not seen before. The music of the game is also great. You will hear screams, dubbing actors and background music very excited to help you fight more realistic.

Kung Fu Z mod


Kung Fu Z is an interesting game. The appeal of this type of the game is not just one or several judges that it has proved so far. You can also play a similar game that we introduced as Beat Street, which can also bring a lot of fun for you. You can download this game with the link below and do not forget to rate it for supporting us to do the better game in the future. Thanks and have a great game!

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