King Of Hunters

King Of Hunters
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Recently, NetEase game maker has launched a thrilling game in the Chinese market called King Of Hunters. They have also released the English version of this game to continue their penetration into the international market. This is a great action game combining the two most popular types including MOBA and Battle Royale. The impressive design of the game is the MOBA style like other games in the market such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Arena of Valor… The gameplay will favour the Battle Royale style like PUBG or Fortnite… Let’s explore this new game with us right now!

King Of Hunters

The new features of Battle Royale gameplay

There are a lot of typical features of previous Battle Royale games that you will see many battles with many modern weapons. But King Of Hunters will be a battle with a completely different style. This is the war of the Middle Ages. At the beginning of the game, you will be riding a dragon and flying into a strange land, in which you need to quickly find the equipment, weapons and other useful items for the character. There will be 40 different players in the same land with you. You will encounter and fight with them to survive.

With the Battle Royale gameplay, your map will gradually shrink, which you have to keep yourself in that safe circle. At a faster pace, only 1 minute 30 seconds that circle will narrow down once. You need to pay attention to that. The battle style of the characters inside the game will be MOBA style, take advantage of the buildings and dust in the map to ambush your opponent.

The control system in King Of Hunters is greatly reduced, including the familiar left-handed virtual key set and the right-hand skill set. You can see what weapons you are holding based on the illustration on the attack button. Other action buttons, such as opening, picking, or medication, will only appear when you interact with the corresponding object. So it is easy for the player to control the game.

King Of Hunters

The items and weapon system

Modern weapons in Battle Royale games will be completely replaced by more classic weapons such as swords, cones, etc. Each weapon will bring a different style of combat. For each user, these designs are very sophisticated and beautifully designed like on PC. In addition to picking up weapons, you also need to collect additional supplies, which are also important to you such as armour, shields, and supportive drugs to help boost your strength. You can find all of the above items by rummaging through the treasure chests or random chests in the game. The means of transport in the game are the horses, which will help you move quickly and easily in the vast map.

King Of Hunters

The Graphics

King Of Hunters is designed in the ancient context, which can be medieval times with many works of the ancient style. The map design in the game is very diverse and the player can also interact easily with the terrain. You can climb or hide in buildings to observe and ambush the enemy. With a suitable weapon, you can completely knock down many enemies before the next round. The 2.5D viewing angle from the top makes the game easier than 3D graphics, making it a plus point for NetEase.

King Of Hunters


King Of Hunters is an exciting game that brings a whole new experience of an action game combining MOBA and Battle Royale. During this test, the game will probably reset the data when the official version is available. So you should pay attention when you experience it to avoid being surprised. You can download the game at the links below and do not forget to evaluate this game. Thanks and have a fun game!

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