King of Duel

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King of Duel is a fun and addictive role-playing game from Neteeebe. In the game, you will be in a universal and set foot on spaceships in a strange space. The players will be embarking on a journey of battle with exotic monsters. The game was designed exclusively for your mobile device. Let’s explore together!

King of Duel mod apk

The gameplay

In the game, you will become Duelists, who are very brave and valiant. You will participate in the adventures. In each chapter, you have to fight with the different creatures, which will have unique and special skills. However, you can also summon Deck creatures to help you. You have to develop the characters’ unique skills. With the new power, you can easily win the battles.

King of Duel will bring a lot of unique tactics. By collecting different Deck through the battles, you can summon them to help you. These Decks will have a myriad of unique skills. You need to learn the skills and the fighting abilities of the players. It is advisable for you to create a comprehensive team that can be easily won. You have to complete and a comprehensive player. In my opinion, the skilled Deck Group with the heal skill will be very powerful and necessary for the team.

King of Duel mod apk

The exotic creatures and interesting skills

In King of Duel, you will encounter many strange and special creatures. They will also possess the interesting and fun skills such as a hammer, octopus or dark skills. The players will need to pay attention to a wide variety of factors and special characters, as well as Deck to enhance your team by upgrading skills, equipment and more.

King of Duel mod apk

Interesting game modes

The game will have 2 attractive game modes. The first, it is the story mode, in which you will be engaging in battles with intelligent AI. In this mode, the game is divided into different chapters. In each of these chapters, there will be 5 different levels with a maximum rating of 3 stars for each level. You have to try to complete these 3-star levels to earn more rewards. The second, you will be fighting in the Arena. In which, your opponents will be the Duelists, who are the smart players in the world. Let’s win and gain the high position on the rankings! In addition, you will be able to play along with many different players fighting the powerful world bosses and looking for rare items.

King of Duel mod apk

Download King of Duel Mod Apk for Android/IOS

The King of Duel is a new game. With exciting gameplay and many unique images, the game promises to bring you many surprises. You can download the game from the link at the bottom of the article. Currently, the game is available on Android and IOS. Have a fun game!

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