King Battle – Fighting Hero legend


King Battle-Fighting Hero legend story happened at a time when the whole world was in the dark. Everything was dark, the evil army broke up a war. The dragons also turn into evil. At this situation, you need to link the heroes together for creating the power to fight for justice. But it will never be easy because there will be horrible epic bosses. You need to build a stronger character that gradually explores the failure of the monster world. You will be very busy so you need to prepare everything carefully.

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King Battle - Fighting Hero legend

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The adventure begins, with the pan, you begin to move in the dirty items and look for the evil dragon and smash them. There have 4 skills that you can use. But you need to wait for the recovering time for the next turn to kill all the dragons. You will receive a lot of money. When they die, you have to go to the end of the road. There will be a huge and fierce dragon awaiting you, you should move to dodge. You must be careful because the boss is very strong. It can knock you down anytime. In addition, there will be many tasks attached to each level for you to solve such as:

  • Rescues the survivors somewhere on the map.
  • Defeat a certain number of monsters to get rewarded.
  • Destroy the tower defense of the monsters.
  • Protect the Crystals successfully.

King Battle – Fighting Hero legend

Key Features of King Battle-Fighting Hero legend:

  • Quality audio and video.
  • Abundant map and free battle.
  • Many characters: Kung Fu young, Monkey King, soldier.
  • Many rewards when defeating the boss.

A great war has opened up a new journey awaiting you. The strongest weaponry and the best equipment are waiting for you to collect them. Join the game now!

King Battle – Fighting Hero legend

MOD feature:

  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Movement Speed ​​x5
  • Free Coins
  • Free Diamonds
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