The Killbox: Bakbakan Na


The great shooter games have always attracted many gamers, so game makers are constantly evolving and adding new features to shooter action games. The Killbox: Bakbakan Na is a game that Ugamehome game developer added to modern VR mode, which will be a new game that you have never experienced. The Killbox: Bakbakan Na has completely eliminated real-time PvP, confronts your opponent in various playing modes, maps and new guns. They will destroy everything. Enter the world war right now!

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Join the game, a world of war will open up in front of you. You will be guided a basic lesson on how to use the gun and how to move in the game. Everything will be easy if you were a professional gunner in similar titles. Now, you can choose your play mode and try the M4A1 handgun.

  • Boot camp mode: You will be fighting with rivals. They are intelligent AI. Maybe, it will be easy to overcome.
  • Rank Play Mode: These are the battles with other players in the world. You can be a good person but your opponent will not be inferior to you, so you need to be very careful. You have to win for getting your ranking.
  • Battlefield mode is an attractive model, in which you can choose familiar maps to fight or choose new maps to challenge yourself.
  • Mode E.C .: In which you can compete to win and show off your level, win other players and win trophies in your collection.
  • Guild War Mode: This is the mode of the battle between guilds, clans. Destroying other guilds with your great skills.
  • Boss Mode is a battle mode with powerful bosses in an average map. Perhaps this is a mode created for entertainment after intense games.

Choose a game mode that you love and fight in a fun way!

The Killbox Bakbakan Na

The Killbox: Bakbakan Na is quite familiar. It is not easy. You need to move aggressively to avoid opponents, hide behind the walls if the opponent is overcrowded, and use your guns for fighting against those attacks. You should remember that the weakest time is at the beginning. Because with one bullet at the beginning, it can cause you or your enemy to lose the life. You should also work with your teammates so that the team can support each other to win. But if you have the higher skills, you can fight alone and received the praise from teammates.


Key features of The Killbox: Bakbakan Na:

  • VR360 battle experience powerful and great FPS.
  • Many great game modes for you to choose.
  • The excellent system of movement and tactics.
  • Many guns like the real ones.
  • Daily login rewards.

MOD feature

  • Draggable Mod Menu (Choose what you want to use)
  • Damage x2 – x10 – x100 (Choose only one in menu)
  • Rainbow ESP (Enemy team names shown)
  • Semi-AimBot
  • Jump x3
  • Range x50
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