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Today, we would like to introduce you a great defence game with a lot of action elements called Just Outlaws on mobile. The game contains a lot of tactical elements. In the game, you will no longer have to build towers or build troops. Instead, you have to build a character to fight like in other role-playing games, in which you can control powerful characters with special abilities and resist the invasion of zombies.

The world has changed and people are transforming, but not evolution. They are invaded by nano-virus and transformed by most of the human race. Those who are infected with the virus will be instantly transformed into the hideous and crazy zombies. Your mission is protecting the last human fortress against zombies. The life of humans depends on you.

Just Outlaws mod


You will choose a character among the heroes and start mastering them through a control screen. Each hero will have different weapons and skills along with the different stats of blood, attack, attack speed, movement speed … so you need to choose a suitable character that matches your style. You will need to protect an important base and the monsters will attack the base in three directions. The two directions will be the normal zombies and one direction will be led by the strongest boss. You have to fight them as a role-playing game by moving, dodging, then slashing and shooting monsters to knock them down.

In addition, you can use the skills of the characters and the many weapons to defeat the zombies quickly. You should always be careful because you are not the champion and the zombies are very powerful, especially the zombies boss. You have to move constantly and avoid dangerous red zones. You will have great help from the weapons as well as trapping. You can put them on the road to slow down the enemy. The game will have a lot of weapons, lots of trapping and equipment that create the endless strategy in this game.

Just Outlaws mod

Game Modes

Just Outlaws offers you some exciting game modes such as Dungeon, Raid, Arena, Clan Arena … Each game mode will have many different attractions that you can explore. You can enter the catacombs to destroy the monsters or join friends in the fierce and dramatic defence battle. In addition, you have to try to collect more resources to upgrade your heroes, weapons, and traps to get more power and become the champion on the leaderboard.

Just Outlaws mod


Just Outlaws is designed with a very unique 3D graphics, which is different from other defensive games. In which, you will experience a completely new style of fighting. Moreover, you will be able to admire the special skills effect. You can see the monster tore away.

Just Outlaws mod


Just Outlaws MOD is a new game with a lot of interesting elements. Although the game has just been released, it brings the attraction that you cannot be ignored. Although this game has the quite good design, the players will still feel the real action battles. You can now download games for Android by using the link at the bottom and enjoy the appeal of the game.

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