Jurassic World™ Alive

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The game developer Ludia Inc. has just released a new game about the dinosaur world named Jurassic World™ Alive, in which you will be a member of the dinosaur preservation team. Your mission is protecting and rescuing the dinosaur from extinction. You can explore the surrounding areas and find the dinosaurs and rescue them. In addition, you can also collect more DNA to crossbreed new dinosaur in your lab. Then you can practice a dinosaur team and bring them to PvP matches with many other players in the world.

Jurassic World™ Alive is a long story about dinosaurs, which focuses more on the Jurassic. The game uses virtual reality enhancements that allow players to interact practically with their surroundings, creating the friendliness for many players. Like your Pokémon GO, your mission will have to recapture the dinosaurs across many locations in the city.

Jurassic World™ Alive mod

The gameplay

If you have already known that Pokémon GO was the world’s first game in this genre, Jurassic World™ Alive will be the second game and it can really pique the gaming community worldwide because of its attraction. Basically, your main task will be getting the dinosaurs. In which, you will have to manipulate the limbs by holding your phone and moving around for hunting dinosaurs. You will enjoy the feeling of capturing an interesting dinosaur. You have to go out and explore new places and meet new dinosaurs.

After picking up the dinosaurs, you will start training and upgrading them to become stronger in the training room. Through the matches, you also have to research each type of dinosaurs to explore their special skills and make them stronger. In addition to hunting the dinosaurs, you can breed them together to create the new dinosaurs that never existed on Earth, with their legendary powers and special abilities.

Jurassic World™ Alive mod

Other attractive features

Your collection of dinosaurs is just a small part of the game, and your training and upgrading of your dinosaurs are very important. The training rooms will appear in different areas, in which you will come to the place to practice your dinosaurs. In addition, the game will have a lot of items to support your mission as well as training dinosaurs. This game is free. However, some items will be purchased in cash so you need to note about the issue.



Jurassic World™ Alive has some designing differences from Pokémon GO. The similarity of these two games in the simulation of the city and the environment of the two games is quite good. However, this game will have a great honesty in bringing the dinosaurs on the phone screen. The dinosaurs appearing in the streets will be a great surprise for you.

Jurassic World™ Alive mod


Jurassic World™ Alive promises to be an opponent with the Pokémon GO. Therefore, you should immediately download this game and enjoy it. Maybe, you can be one of the first people to own the most powerful and perfect dinosaurs. Have a fun game!


1, Install Jurassic World Alive MOD APK and Enjoy Unlimited Battery MODE.

2, Now if you want to add Joystick Button to move your character in game then Install FLYGPS as well.

3, Now Open FlyGPS and give it Location permission and when it starts it will ask you to enable Mock Location. so Click on Settings it will redirect you to Mock Location settings. from there select Mock Location and Select FLYGPS in there.

4, Now In FlyGPS you will see your location. Tap on it and select START MOVING GPS LOCATION and its done. now Joystick button will appear on your screen.

5, Head back to Jurassic World Alive MOD APK and use Joystick button to move on the MAP.

6, If you face LOCATION OR GPS ERROR then click on your DINOSAUR COLLECTION MENU and click on any dinosaur then click on MAP again. now MAP will Load and you will be able to roam with Joystick Button.

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