Into The Badlands Champions

Into The Badlands Champions
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Referring to role-playing games, people will immediately think of exciting games. In which, you need to transform into a character and engage in a very intense battle. To get an attractive role-playing game, the producer has to invest heavily in such aspects as character, gameplay, story … The game that we want to introduce today is such a very interesting role-playing game named Into The Badlands Champions, which will bring you the great world of heroes. You have to survive and complete the difficult tasks.


The Story

Our world is full of dangerous criminals. They always bring great anxiety to many people, and their criminal actions will cause many unpredictable consequences. In the world of Badlands, there will be so many notorious and dangerous criminals, which will have a lot of aggressive and offensive henchman, who are willing to attack anyone intending to prevent their evil work. You will be a hero in the fight against the evil forces of the Badlands world. Let’s join the game and change the world right now!

Into The Badlands Champions

Interesting gameplay

Into The Badlands Champions will focus on fighting element, in which you will control your hero to participate in various battles. You will be taken to interesting places and conquerors. Items will appear and surround you. They will be equipped with a variety of melee weapons such as knives, swords, hammers… You take the initiative in attacking them because you will have the advantage before they are surrounded. You should attack the distant enemies first. When they fall down, they are not really dead. They are only wounded, so you need to release the critical skill to defeat them completely.

In the game, it is easy to play but to master your character, you need to practice more. You have to take advantage of the heroes and the weapons they use to create stronger attacks, which will help you easily pass the game. You will also often face the bosses of the bad guys. These bosses will have much better skills and power, so you need to try to move more flexibly and watch out for obstacles. The Red alert ensures the more safety.

Into The Badlands Champions

The heroes and weapons system

The game has a lot of new heroes. Each one will have different characteristics in power and skill stats, which can be larger by upgrading or level up for characters. Into The Badlands Champions will have a lot of cohesive elements between the characters and their weapons. Each character will have only a specific weapon such as a sword, hammer… even fists. Also based on these weapons, these characters will have different skills. Another point to keep in mind is that you collect the heroes. You get them by finding their icon card. When you have enough cards, you can unlock the hero.

Into The Badlands Champions

The graphics

Into The Badlands Champions get a nice 3D graphics, the characters are designed meticulously as hand-drawn. Their movements are also very flexible and beautiful. The skill of each character also has a certain delicate and unique, accompanied by great effects. The in-game map is well-designed. Each time you fight, you will be transported to a different location such as a warehouse, an old road, or an abandoned harbour.

Into The Badlands Champions


Into The Badlands Champions is a rather new game, in which it contains a lot of attractions that you should not ignore. But one factor you need to consider before playing it is that the violent and bleeding scenes that appear in the game which may not be suitable for children. You can download the game at the link below and do not forget to evaluate it for supporting us to do the better game in the future. Thanks and have a fun game!

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