Idle Tap Zoo: Tap, Build & Upgrade a Custom Zoo

Idle Tap Zoo mod
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Idle Tap Zoo is an idle clicker game, which is quite strange to you. If you have already known other idle clicker games such as Idle Factory Tycoon, Idle Miner Tycoon…, you will no longer strange to this kind of game. This time, you will not be involved in industrial or service activities. In which, you will join the farm activities. In which, you will raise animals at a zoo and upgrade them to increase the birth rate and their value. Then you can sell them to make a profit. You will be using the profits to expand your zoo become a national park with the most diverse ecosystem in the world.

Idle Tap Zoo mod

Play style

In this idle game, your zoo will continue to grow and make money for you. You can be using that money to unlock new animals like monkeys, pandas, retirees, monkeys, lions… You will become a business tycoon and trade your animals in large numbers, exchange rare animals to collect gems. Then you can use gems to study the permanent upgrades of your animals and continue to expand your zoo. You can operate all the tasks with the simple touches.

In Idle Tap Zoo, you will manage a zoo and have to improve it with minor upgrades like bathrooms and food stalls to attract more visitors, which make you the ultimate business tycoon. The more visitors you attract, the more money you will have. In addition, you can create value for your zoo and become the richest person in the world.

Idle Tap Zoo mod

Key Features of Idle Zoo Tycoon:

The game was designed with 4 basic features of the idle game, which are building, running, idling and expanding. The manufacturer has a clear plan for each of these features. You can refer to become a rich man quickly.

  • Building a Zoo: You can build a zoo and start customizing everything as you like. You should plan things neatly so that they are easier to manage when the zoo is expanded. You can start to create habitats for animals and decorate everything to attract more tourists.
  • Raising animals: You can buy animals, then you will manage and take care of them for growing and giving birth. However, they will die as normal. If you want them live longer and create more money, you need to upgrade them.
  • Idle Process: You will see things go up very fast and do not have to pay too much attention. Even if you leave the game, everything is growing. Now, you have the real idle game, in which you can use your money to invest in new attractive tourist destinations.
  • Expanding the zoo: When your animals have grown with the huge number, it is time for you to expand and find more places for your animals. Your zoo will be bigger and more people will come.

Idle Tap Zoo mod


The graphics of Idle Tap Zoo will not have many highlights. But I found this game has the best graphics in the clicker games genre that I have ever seen, with the new animal shapes. In addition, you will also see the legendary creatures such as triple heads dog, horned horse, mermaid… They will bring you a new experience when participating in this game.

Idle Tap Zoo mod


Idle Tap Zoo MOD promises to be a great game, which may be the most exciting game so far. This is a new world with these unique creatures waiting for you to discover. You can quickly download the game with the link below and become the richest man in the history of mankind. Wish you have the interesting game!

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