Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter
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Hunter x Hunter is the latest game from Tencent, which is adapted from the Japanese comic book of the same name. This time, the game will be developed in a fighting style. After many delays, the game also revealed the latest mobile version. It is the cooperation of Tencent and Lantu Games, which will bring you attractive and unforgettable experience.

Hunter x Hunter

Among the famous and popular Manga stories in Japan, Hunter x Hunter is always famous for its intriguing story and its constant delays. The manga is written by Yoshihiro Togashi about the character named Gon, who participated in the Hunter competition to find his father.

Hunter x Hunter

The Gameplay

Hunter X Hunter in this mobile version does not follow the usual card directions. Instead, it brings the player to a dramatic action-fighting mechanism, in which players will be introduced to the system Nen of each character. In the game, there will be Nen system with 6 types including Enhancement, Transmutation, Conjuration, Specialization, Manipulation and Emission. Each of them will depend on the talents, character and growing environment of the hunters.

Hunter x Hunter

Graphics and music

With the 3D graphics of the colourful and very cute cartoon, this version of Hunter X Hunter will satisfy the Manga fans as well as those who love the Hunter series while the series is being stopped for the health problem. The game also has quite vibrant music, in which the characters being voiced quite clearly with attractive conversations.

Hunter x Hunter

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The game is a well-known story, which was developed by a famous game developer. This game is sure to be a great mobile Manga and satisfy all the fans. Do not miss it for any reason! Wish you have good gaming time!

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