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Hearthstone is an online card game, which was published by Blizzard in March 2013 and was officially released on March 11, 2014, and is available on all the mobile operating system for you to install and to experience. In early May 2015, this game had over 30 million registered accounts and now it has gained a lot of interest on the world channel called Twitch, proving the appeal of the game.

Hearthstone mod

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Hearthstone background is set in the universe of Warcraft, which is full of mysterious creatures, dangerous magic and weapons. However, Hearthstone is not tied to the legend of Warcraft but just inspired, Players can compete with other opponents or AI in 1vs1 battles for defeating the opponent before they kill you. You can do this by summoning the heroes in the cards and taking them into battle. Hearthstone is designed to be a fun, accessible and quite fast game.

Hearthstone mod


The Hearthstone games will start easily, a coin will be thrown to determine who has the first turn. The one who will go ahead will pick up the cards for himself. The other players will not be allowed to go first, but they will receive a temporary The Coin for increase MANA. When both players ready, the game will be started.

Actually, the way you take the cards and the way you fight in this game is very easy, so we do not need to say much. But it is important that the tactics and how to use your cards to win the game. When you play, you need to pay attention to the following points. If you want your tactics to work smoothly and perfectly, you have to identify your hero of any kind by looking at the middle icon first. The hero’s weapon will be on the left. The durability of the weapon will decrease after each attack. Remember, each hero will have their own strength. For example, the warriors can increase their armour for health; the magic can summon totems… The Mana Crystal will be in the lower right corner. When you summon a card, you will need them. Your minions will appear in the center of the battlefield for a number of different items, while the minions will also have special abilities. Finally, on the right of the screen, it is the box containing the cards. Each box will contain 30 cards.

Hearthstone mod

Many Cards

The number of Hearthstone cards available today is so abundant with 877 cards, which can be used to build and explore cards through your in-game collection or collect new cards by using gold or cash. All cards and characters are drawn from the deep history of Warcraft and redesigned to create a fun and humorous game.

Hearthstone mod


Hearthstone is available on all mobile platforms that can help you play this game easily. In addition, a graphical Unity gameplay will bring you lively experiences of a mysterious historical world, which stimulating curiosity and imagination of all gamers in the world. So far, with the steady development of this game, Blizzard developers have been updated and upgraded the game with many exciting features. It promises to have the huge amount of players on the stream pages.

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