Head Boxing (D&D Dream)


You are a boxing fan or like fighting, Head Boxing (D&D Dream) is a great choice for you. The fight between two powerful boxers ends when one of them falls down. The intensive fight with the beautiful skills between the two are released will make you feel pleasure. It is possibly dangerous that you may have broken the bones with very strong skills of the opponent, or that the opponent has broken the bones it can cause you. It is very exciting.

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Head Boxing

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Starting the Head Boxing (D&D Dream) game, you will have a training session. You have to forget about your moves and skills with the opponent, completing the exercises you will get a small amount of money. It will be a fight with more powerful opponents to use your combo to attack your opponent. You have to focus on the position of hand, chest and head to attack. The opponent will fracture and lose a lot of blood than other position. After each battle, your reward will be the experience point and the money. After you win an opponent, you will unlock the next strong opponent.

Sometimes you will encounter a female martial artist. But do not despise them. They will fight their best to defeat you. When beaten, the martial artist will express very funny. Let’s fight and win the glory right now!

Head Boxing

Key Features of Head Boxing:

  • Fighters have a lot of special skills.
  • 5 great game modes (arcade, championship, survival, death mode, and league)
  • The system of feeding, upgrading and daily achievements.
  • Great sound and professionally dubbed.
  • Fracture system.

Head Boxing MOD is designed with meticulous simple gameplay, which promises to bring a lot of fun to players. Download the game now. Wish you have fun!

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