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Today, I would like to introduce to everyone a highly entertaining game called GunTruck, in which the players get involved in an exotic carnival in the western US. With racing feature combined with action, the game will give you a lot of new experiences that you have not seen before. It also has some similar elements to Car vs Cops from the developer Ketchapp.


Fun gameplay

GunTruck is a racing game but it has added a very actionable shooter element. In the game, you will control a car, run around a map and avoid other cars. This is quite similar to Car vs Cops. In addition to avoiding the enemies and cause them to collide, you will be equipped with guns on the roof and you can shoot them until their car is completely destroyed.

While moving, you do not forget to avoid obstacles blocking your car including cliffs, abandoned buildings. If they stop your car, the game is over. Because the bad guys will rush their car into you and make everything explode.

The events and random activities will be announced. You have to complete them well and you will receive rewards. In addition, you can have more rewards when watching the ad to support the manufacturer.


Upgrading your car

Unlike Car vs Cops that you can only buy new cars. In GunTruck, you can search for pieces of material to upgrade your car’s power, pay attention and upgrade your gun so that it can help you to kill enemies more quickly. There will be quite a lot of gun for you. They will have different characteristics, so you should use and explore them slowly.


Graphics and sound

With the simple 2D graphics, GunTruck is easy to control and manipulate, which does not require high configuration. It will also create a smooth game, with a leisure free time. The graphics of GunTruck are pretty good, combined with the background sound of a cowboy movie, and the clear sound of gunfire.



GunTruck will be a game for those who want to relax in a short time and feel more comfortable. You can download it, play it and get it. Do not forget to share if you find it interesting. Wish you have a fun game!

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