GrandChase mod


In 2017 – 2018, it marks the revival of many old exciting games on the mobile platform. GrandChaseis such a very attractive and popular game. Because of some reasons, the game has ended in 2015. Through a lot of versions in various countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, North America…, the game has the huge number of attention, the end of the game left a lot of regrets and dreams to conquer the world of rookies from many players. Now, you can play this attractive game again with the mobile version by KOG Co., Ltd. The game is designed for both Android and IOS.

GrandChase mod

The story of the mysterious world

GrandChase has a very long and attractive plot. Within the confines of this article, I will briefly tell you about the story of this game. In the game, the gods created the primitive world where the early humans and the gods gave them their powers so that these people could build their own kingdoms. Many Gods loved the humans and they have children. These kids are born with special abilities called celestials. They have magical powers in this land. With the development of humans, goblins and dwarves develop very strongly. When Celestial territory became stable, the gods decided to select one of the Celestials as the king and established the Kounat kingdom. In addition, they formed an alliance with the dwarves and elves, who formed their country, was declared the beginning of Holy Power. There will be the devil wars and the war of magic that will cause the land to fall into the constant wars.

GrandChase mod

The attractive gameplay

In the game, you can collect a lot of unique heroes. They may be new characters or the heroes are present throughout the history of GrandChase. You have to assemble and combine these characters into a team of up to four heroes. Each hero possesses two unique skills that you can use and create tactics. You can choose the most powerful and unique heroes with total attack and defence to gain absolute strength.

Fighting in GrandChase is also very simple. You just drag and swipe on your phone’s screen to control your heroes moving and attacking. While fighting, you need to watch and use Hero’s skills are going to battle more quickly. Everything will be quite easy and familiar. However, to become a good player, you need to practice and learn more about heroes.

GrandChase mod

The hero system

The game has a lot of heroes for players to freely collect and combine. These heroes will be designed as face cards, in which you will be able to distinguish the hero to any group based on the colour surrounding the tokens. The heroes’ strengths are based on the number of stars. The maximum is 6 stars. You can also upgrade the heroes to help them increase their strength as well as skills and equipment.

GrandChase mod

The beautiful design

GrandChase MOD has a great graphics from the character in a very meticulous and unique way to the unique operation. The characters are also cute and adorable. You can download this game by using our link below and evaluate it for supporting us to do the better game in the future. Thanks and have a fun game!

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