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God Of War Mobile apk

God Of War Mobile is the famous games on many operating systems, which is expected by many people in the world. Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a testing version on 2 operating systems including Android and iOS. Therefore, you can experience the game easily. In addition, you can play this game on the PS4.

God Of War Mobile apk

The long story about Kratos

Kratos is known as the most talented and youngest captain in Sparta army, with rational tactics combined with powerful combat. When Kratos’ soldiers were tired of fighting for a long time and a large military disparity, Barbarian army was defeated the Spartans army, and Kratos was sent to the prisoner. Before Kratos was executed by the Barbarian King, Kratos appeals to Ares, the Greek God of War, to sell his soul in exchange for his freedom. Ares agrees, which was making a dark cloud and bringing the brutal lightning down to the Barbarian army. Ares then supplies Kratos with a weapon, Blades of Chaos, with two blades attached to the chain wrapped around the arms of Kratos, the first of the ropes piercing his flesh and fastened to his bones. After that, Kratos is now a loyal servant of Ares. Kratos killed all those who blocked his steps. One night, Kratos was ordered to loot and destroy a village. Looking at the crushed scene, Kratos shuddered as he realized his wife and daughter had died under his hands. Kratos became a beast, brutally and blindly killing his own family. The brutal treatment he gives to the village and his family causes him to be cursed, making Kratos’s appearance change to a pale grey like the colour of the ash. From which Kratos is known as the name “Ghost of Sparta”. For revenge, Kratos found a way to kill Ares. Goddess Athena has agreed to help Kratos, provided he helps Athen against Ares’ invasion. After defeating the monsters sent by Ares for destroying Athens, Kratos fulfilled Athena’s will, and the goddess agreed to help Kratos obtain a way to destroy Ares. Kratos’s enemies were powerful, he can win without the help of “Pandora’s Box”, which is contained the miracle powers. According to legend, the box was hidden in a remote place, behind the Athenian wall, guarded by desert gods.

God Of War Mobile apk

Following the instructions, Kratos ventured into the desert overcome the challenges and destroyed those who block his way. Eventually, Kratos found the temple to save the goddess. From hundreds of miles away, Ares had found this. He picked up a pillar and rushed to the temple, where the shot hit the Kratos. He died before he could open the box. The box is looted by monsters. It seems that Kratos’s hopes and endeavours were gone. But when Kratos descent to hell, he clung the cliff and freed himself from the danger with the help of the gravedigger. After cheating the Death Hades, Kratos regained the box and confronts Ares. At this time, Ares wants to discourage Kratos, allowing him to relive his cruel past, and force him to protect his family against his own clones. However, Kratos was brave enough to fight for the protecting his family. Ares began to get angry when his plans failed. He took away Kratos’s powerful sword and used it to kill Kratos family once more. On the second death of his wife and daughter, Kratos became insane, found the ancient sword Blade of the God and joined into a fight with Ares. Eventually, Kratos ended the brutal and tyrannical reign of the tyrant. Although Kratos killed Ares, he cannot escape the past with the crimes that he has committed. The terrible nightmare of killing his family will always follow him. Kratos felt depressed and empty. He sank himself down from a cliff to finish his life. However Athena impressed with what Kratos did, she kept him, gave him new magic powers and weapons Blades of Athena. He lives on top of Olympus as many other gods. Since then, Kratos has been known as the God of War.

God Of War Mobile apk

Join the war

From the throne on Olympus, Kratos looked down at the battle of Rhodes, in which his Spartan army was fighting. Kratos led his army to the battle. The battle raged on Olympus because Kratos repeatedly waged war in all of Greece and the battle in the port city of Rhodes made the anger reaching the limitation. Despite Athena’s threatening condemnation of his divine punishment, Kratos had let himself down from his palace to help his soldiers. Since then, Kratos had made a turn his life to the different direction and no longer depends on the protection of Athena anymore. With the ability of the god, Kratos easily crushed into Rhodes. From above, a large eagle flew down and punished Kratos with lightning bolts that made him as a normal human. In addition, the bird gave the statue of Helios standing in front of Rhodes seaport (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world) have the vitality to wake up and destroy Kratos in place of the gods. At first, Kratos thought that the bird was Athena’s incarnation, but the eagle was the embodiment of the great ZEUS. Though he has been transformed into a normal human, Kratos still has the power of the gods, and from here he plunges into battle.

Surely, it is not much to say about the gameplay of God Of War Mobile. You also grasp what you have to do in the game. Through many stages, you will be fighting the mysterious creatures. When they are summoned by gods, they will appear. You will control Kratos to fight and overcome all the challenges. You will receive the enthusiastic help of the boy who is Kratos’ son with excellent archery skills, which caused the electric shock with his arrows.

God Of War Mobile apk

Download God Of War Mobile Apk free for Android/IOS

God Of War Mobile APK is a new game that contains a lot of charms that you should not miss. The game was built with the original story in a beautiful and attractive graphics, which promises to be a super game this summer. You can download this game and enjoy it now. If it is attractive, please share it with everyone. Have a fun game!

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