Game of Warriors

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You may know many Tower Defensive games like Realm Defense, Kingdom Rush… They are very exciting and attractive with many great features, which will give you the best gaming experience. Today we would like to introduce you such a game with the new style named Game of Warriors, in which you will no longer have to build towers alongside the other roads. In the game, you will build an army to fight the evil forces. You have to build your troops and play the game with your style.

Game of Warriors mod

The story

In Game of Warriors, the world was invaded by the devils. The rest of the human civilization is a small part at the bottom of the world, they are isolated and forgotten. They are misery and try to find a way to survive. You will appear and become a leader of human civilization. By selecting excellent warriors and building a mighty army, you will destroy all the devils and return to the light of human civilization to the world.

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Game of Warriors mod


Start this game, you have to make yourself a fortress on a large map and start buying your troops and building the walls. In the game, you need to hurry up because the devils will keep on going and attacking to destroy your wall. You have to buy the warriors and archers, bringing them to the battlefield, open the gate to the infantry outside the front and the archers behind and shoot to destroy the enemies. When everything is ready, you will start issuing orders for your troops. Usually, you will have to fend off three enemy attacks. After destroying all enemies, you will receive gold coins. You can use the coins to upgrade everything such as the army, the wall…

In Game of Warriors, in addition to the defence, you can develop your troops and bring them out to expand the land and destroy the evil kingdoms. You should check which kingdoms are dangerous and bring the troops to conquer them. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the power that the kingdom you want to conquer because you will not get anything if you lose the game.

Game of Warriors mod

Graphics and sound

Game of Warriors has a nice graphics with a lot of familiar cartoon images, which is similar to many games such as Clash of Clans, Clash of Royale… In addition, the game has a lot of new and attractive images to increase its appeal. The sound is also very exciting with fighting sounds and drum sounds.

Game of Warriors mod


In short, Game of Warriors MOD is a new style of tower defence, with a lot of interesting features and novelties in all aspects such as warriors, territories, citadel, race, skills … the game will let you explore the great game. You can download and enjoy the game now. Have a great game!

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