Fortnite – Tips for newcomers to conquer the No. 1 position


As you know, Fortnite Battle Royale is a survival game developed by Epic Game Producer on multiple platforms in mid-2017. The game immediately has almost been on the top leading game that can compete with PUBG, in which millions of people started parachuting from aircraft and entered the death arena. With the great potential of the market, Epic Games have had a good plan to release the game on the mobile platform.

Fortnite is available on the iOS platform, but on the Android platform, the Epic Game maker will decide not to include the game on the Google play store, and all gamers will have to download the game directly from Epic Game. Recently, there was a leaked version of Fortnite before the game was released for the Android platform, proving that the game might be coming soon so we started this tutorial to give the gamers some instruction that is for the new players.

Note: It is possible that Samsung will be exclusive on some of their devices before the game can be available on all Android phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the S4 Tab users can get 30 exclusive days when this game comes out. The mentioned version might need the Galaxy Note 9 or the S4 Tab to play.

Tips for new players of Fortnite

Tips for new players of Fortnite

First, you can download the game here or at the end of this article

You should not go to crowded places and avoid constant fighting.

New players will often have a very eager and active mentality so they will go to places where there are many large and concentrated gatherings to be able to find fun. However, this is not advisable because you might die before you found any fun. Therefore, you should be out of the crowded places and find the buildings in the suburbs that will have a lot of weapons and materials to collect before you fight.

Tips for new players of Fortnite

Collecting as much as possible

Unlike previous shooter games, Fortnite will be a new difficult experience to find the last survivor. With 100 people on the map, you need to know when to fight and when you should run away. Your survival will depend on the items you have, the weapons in your hand … You have to try to check all the corners and collect more items before you fight with anyone.

Tips for new players of Fortnite

Weapon selection

Your backpack cannot contain everything that is limited to a certain level. You should not pick up the same guns and stuff them in the package. You should pick up the best guns and make the free space for other weapons or ammunition, aid-kit…

If you have teammates, you should go with them

Fortnite will be much happier when you play with your friends. You should not go too far or leave them because it will cause you to lose a very good and reliable support. If there are unexpected situations where you or your teammates need help to survive without getting help, fighting together will add tremendous strength to the team.


A unique feature that Fortnite has compared to other survival games is the ability to build. By collecting materials, you can use the drawings and create buildings quickly to protect you from your opponent’s strong firepower. You can even build stairs to climb hills or tall buildings to get a good observation.

Tips for new players of Fortnite

Listen to the sound

The sound is a very important in this game that you need to pay attention to. It will tell you the direction of the enemy. You should rely on the sound to ambush your opponent before they get to your place or run away when there are too many enemies approaching to you.

Stay away from the traps

In Fortnite, the newcomers will be a little experienced. You may need weapons and items, but do not be greedy that it will be a trap set by someone else. These will be used to seduce you and they will hide somewhere and knock you down while you are messing around with piles.

Tips for new players of Fortnite


The tips we give are just the basics for new players to refer to. If you are a newbie, you should know these things and gradually develop your skills, tactics and become a wise player. You can download the game at the bottom of this article. Have a fun game!

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