Forged Fantasy

Forged Fantasy
Forged Fantasy
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You have probably played a lot of epic battles. Today, we would like to introduce to you the new and exciting game from Hothead Games producer called Forged Fantasy. The game is a story about a war of fantasy worlds with brave warriors and powerful Mages. In the game, you will combine these powers together to create a perfect strategy for engaging battle in the beautiful and fairytale scenery.

Hothead Games is a well-known game maker based in Vancouver, Canada. After 12 years of its founding, the developer has positioned their brand in the hearts of the gamers with many popular games such as Kill Shot Bravo, Hero Hunters… Now, the latest game is Forged Fantasy, which is sure to be the most attractive and exciting game this summer for the enthusiasts of role-playing and strategy.

Forged Fantasy

The gameplay

Forged Fantasy will allow players to collect heroes like many other games. The players will gather them into a hero team and start their epic battles. Players will control each hero according to the group battle mode. The transformation from hero to hero will be very easy by choosing the favourite avatar. The players will need to combine the heroes smoothly to create the greatest power.

Enemies in Forged Fantasy will be very crowded and powerful so the strategies given by the player must be accurate and also need to be harmoniously combined, all the heroes will be designed very flexible, which helps the player can easily control and perform many acrobatic moves to dodge. However, you will need a lot of skills and agility to be able to win absolutely.

Forged Fantasy

Collecting and developing the heroes

Forged Fantasy will have a lot of heroes for players to collect and use. Each hero will have their own weapons and skills. The task of the player is to gather them together and develop them for becoming your great team. Of course, with role-playing games, players have to upgrade characters to win. In this game, players will have to build a hero team of up to 5 people, weapons, equipment, skill, level … Everything needs to be carefully considered if you want to win.

Forged Fantasy

The Game Modes

In Forged Fantasy, players will also be offered a variety of game modes, quests, as well as exciting events, in which the players will be battling each level in Campaign mode and be receiving the star rating. You should practice more in this mode so that you can become stronger in the more difficult modes like PvP, Gauntlet, or Solo Raids. Let’s slowly learn the appeal of each game mode and find the game mode that you love the most!

Forged Fantasy

The graphics

Forged Fantasy is designed with beautiful 3D graphics with many unique effects. The images of the game are very sharp to bring players more attraction. In addition, the game is also designed with a third view angle that makes it easy for the player to capture the position of the heroes and enemies in order to come up with a rational strategy. In addition, the third view angle also allows players to take a look at the heroes’ faces to make them more attractive.

Forged Fantasy


In general, Forged Fantasy is a great game because it is produced by a well-known producer with the perfect gameplay and graphics. The game may not be available on the Google Play in the certain countries. If you do not find out the game, you can download the APK file we provide. Have a fun game!

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