Flying Superhero Captain Robot Crime City Battle

Flying Superhero mod

Captain America is a superhero that appears in the Marvel game and movies series, he is a good man and always save the city from danger. Now, you can do this by taking on these quests and playing Flying Superhero Captain Robot Crime City Battle. You will control a robot with a suit and a shield resembling Captain America and fly around the city, looking for the crimes caused by the black rascals. You immediately punish them with your strength, teach the bad guys the expensive lessons with their lives.

Flying Superhero mod

For those who do not know about Captain America, he is a superhero appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. This character first appeared in Captain America Comics # 1 (March 1941). In these years, the comic “Captain America” ​​has sold over 210 million copies in a total of 75 countries. Captain America is a change of Steve Rogers, a weak man who has been pushed to the pinnacle of human perfection in a serological test to aid American war effort. Captain America wears a red suit with the American flag. He is armed with an indestructible shield made of a fictitious metal called Vibranium. Captain America’s shields can absorb all vibrations and charge as a boomerang in battles.

Flying Superhero mod

Interesting gameplay

Each level in the Flying Superhero Captain Robot Crime City Battle, you will be brought into a large city simulated in detail, in which will have a lot of bad guys. You will start flying and looking for the bad guys. They will be in the city so you have to find and fight them all. By destroying all the bad guys, you will be able to complete the difficult game. Certainly, these games will bring exciting epic battle.

You are the captain. Your responsibility will be great. You will appeal to the teen superhero, martial arts superhero… they will have the supernatural abilities that will help you in the intensive battle. You have to fight for justice and peace. The forces in the superhero team will patrol the city. They will tell you when the game is out of control, the power of the superhero also needs to be strengthened to defeat the stronger monsters.

Flying Superhero mod

Excellent graphics

The game was designed with a great 3D graphics and easy controls. You will have a great experience playing this game, enjoying the exciting scenery in the city, using your special skills of the superhero. The skill effect is very attractive. All the attractions and interesting things is waiting for you in this game.

Flying Superhero mod


Flying Superhero Captain Robot Crime City Battle is one of the most amazing and addictive superhero games. In which, the intense battles with criminals will take place dramatically in new places in the city. This game has just been released but has received unquestionable attention from many players. It promises to bring a lot of new great experience for the players. You can download it with the link below. Have a fun game!

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