Flick Champions Extreme Sports

Flick Champions Extreme Sports mod
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Have you ever been tried a sports game that has a mix of a lot of sports? Now, you can enjoy a combination of five different sports, in which you can show off your skills to win all those sports and win the amazing prizes. Flick Champions Extreme Sports will take you to a tropical island where the intense competition will be taken place. You have to choose your favourite sport and start playing to get the great prizes. Let’s start becoming the ultimate sports star now!

Flick Champions Extreme Sports mod

How to play

There are five great sports that you can be enjoyed within this game: Wingsuit, Parkour, Rock Climbing, Surfing and Paintball. You have to play these sports with the same rules as the real sports but they are well-built for fun.

  • Wingsuit is a sport in the sky. In this sport, you have to fly like a bird and dodge as well as collect the necessary items, take advantage of the winds, which will push you faster and farther. You have to try to fly as far as possible to collect more rewards.
  • Rock Climbing: It is a highly adventurous and entertaining sport. in which you will need to do your moves on the cliffs above the lava. You need to be fast. If you touch the lava, the game is over.
  • Parkour: This is a great sport that you have to avoid the obstacles. You will be doing your moves on the streets. The obstacles are walls and boards that block your way. You have to do a lot of different moves such as jumping, avoiding obstacles, not to collide with so many obstacles that will stop you from playing.
  • Surfing: You will also have to surf on the see, but the sea surface will not be quiet and flat. There are a lot of boulders that need you to wriggle and dodge them. There will always be a huge wave behind you, which you have to try not to let it engulf you.
  • Paintball: This is a shooting sport, in which you have to fight alone with many opponents on the way. You have to eliminate the opponent with coloured bullets or shoot the explosive barrels to blow your opponents away. You should hide and defeat all the obstacles. You should remember that you do not to be hit!

Flick Champions Extreme Sports mod

Upgrading the character

In every sport, there will be a lot of rewards on the road that you can collect. You can start with your favourite sport or be familiar with the most to be able to earn more rewards. You can use that rewards to upgrade character to make them faster and more powerful. When the characters are stronger, other sports will be easier for you, which will be the basic gameplay. If you want to explore other ways of playing, you can also choose the other sports.

Flick Champions Extreme Sports mod

The graphics

Flick Champions Extreme Sports is designed with simple cute graphics. The characters are built in the box style that is quite new with a lot of interesting images and unique effects. The game is designed with a top-down perspective that will be very familiar and easy to control, making your gameplay simpler.

Flick Champions Extreme Sports mod


NAWIA GAMES is a new game maker. However, their games always have the huge number of attention from the gamers. You can enjoy more new games in the Flick Champions series. Let’s experience this game and support the new producers, knowing that in the future we will have super mobile products from this manufacturer. Do not forget to give the good review or 5-star rating to support the manufacturer before you download this game! Thanks and have a great game!

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