FishingStrike mod

FishingStrike game will turn you into a true fisherman. The game will take you to adventures the waters around the world for finding the fun and sensation of catching the giant fish. It will be under your control now. When Netmarble Producer has put all that fun into FishingStrike, and you just pick up the phone and start fishing.

FishingStrike mod

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If you like fishing, FishingStrike is a great game for you. In the game, you can choose a character with different fishing skills and fishing rod. You will start the trip any time, any places created by the manufacturer, the world famous freshwater lakes or beautiful beaches in the ocean are waiting for your exploitation.

FishingStrike mod

Exciting gameplay

You can enjoy fishing anywhere as long as you have the patience to wait for your favourite fish appearing. The skill is essential and important. When the fish bite, you need to very patient and intelligent to pull the big fish up. Especially, if it is a big fish, it will be harder for you to catch it. If you meet white sharks, it would be the hardest thing. You have met them because they are really fierce and hard to catch. If you do not get them, you do not despair because it is a really hard thing in the game.

In FishingStrike, your journey begins when you select your destination to the earth and begin your flight to the setting location. You can approach to the place that you want immediately. Right on your canoe, the first thing you need to do is using a scanner to detect the density and number of fish in this area. You can throw your bait into the sea, and the camcorder will follow your bait into the sea so that you can see the fish, as well as help you adjust your movements to stimulate fish eating.

When the fish bite the bait, it will be at the start of the fight. You will immediately scroll up and start pulling. The screen will show a line called FISH HP, you will catch the fish only when you make the fish exhausted and lose all HP FISH point, you will immediately get it. The system will immediately measure the length and weight of the fish and turn it into money and experience, which is also the reward for your fishing trip. In addition, you can also earn additional parts. Another bonus is by logging in daily and completing other tasks.

FishingStrike mod

More interesting

In addition to fishing, you can also watch the lives of the AR and VR technologies. You see how they move and hunt. You should rely on them to catch bigger fish.

Upgrading your equipment will also be a great feature that the manufacturer has added to enhance the appeal of the game. You will need a lot of money to do the upgrade things.

FishingStrike mod

Graphics and sound

FishingStrike has a very beautiful 3D graphics that will be very attractive to the players. With bright images, the game will give you an enjoyable experience. The sound and water, the ocean as well as the whistling of the fish will be mixed together and put you on a wonderful adventure.

FishingStrike mod


FishingStrike game can satisfy your dreams, in which you can show your talents and become the best fisherman, who is the most professional hunter in the world, catching a monster under the water. You can show off your achievements with your friends. This will be the great ideal game for relaxing after work and study. Wish you have a great game!

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